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Richmond City Manager's Weekly Report

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    From - Tom Butt Forum Item #6 of great interest This is the weekly report for the week ending August 18th, 2006. 1. Meeting Notes There are no City
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      From - Tom Butt Forum

      Item #6 of great interest

      This is the weekly report for the week ending August 18th, 2006.
      1. Meeting Notes
      There are no City Council meetings scheduled until Tuesday, September 12,
      2. New City Website
      The new and improved City of Richmond website will go “live” by midnight
      on Monday, August 21st, at the regular website address
      (_www.ci.richmond.ca.us_ (http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/) ). This project is the result of
      significant effort by Sue Hartman and the IT Department staff (especially Wendy
      Schwartz), as well as by many staff members in various departments. It also is the
      result of the equivalent of approximately $40,000 in pro bono (free)
      consulting assistance by the company eCivis. Staff is planning to do a study
      session presentation regarding the new web site and its capabilities at your
      September 26th meeting. We will also be reviewing at that time the web-based
      COR-Connect system that allows City staff to respond quickly to and track
      citizen/customer service requests. In the meantime, your immediate and ongoing
      feedback on the City’s new website is appreciated.
      3. Civic Center Meeting
      As you know, City Planning and Redevelopment Agency staff hosted a
      presentation and discussion concerning the Civic Center Master Plan this past Tuesday
      in the Bermuda Room at the Richmond Auditorium. The meeting was fairly well
      attended by members of the public, as well as by members of the Planning
      Commission, Design Review Board, Historical Preservation Committee, Arts
      Commission, Economic Development Commission, and Chamber of Commerce. General Plan
      consultant, MIG, and City and Agency staff facilitated a presentation by the
      architectural team of the three basic master plan options, followed by an
      opportunity for small group discussion concerning the plan options. During the
      meeting, a number of questions and comments were raised regarding the design
      approach, including the design of a renovated Civic Center Plaza. At the
      conclusion of the meeting, the consensus view was that the plan option that
      places a new Public Safety building and a parking garage in the block bounded
      by Barrett and Nevin Avenues, and 24th and 25th Streets (“Option C”) is the
      most preferred approach. A discussion of the Civic Center project, including
      a discussion of project phasing, will be on your September 12th agenda.
      4. Dedication of Junior Giants Field at Nicholl Park
      Sue Petersen, Executive Director of the Giants Community Fund, reports that
      they are in the “home stretch” for completion of the Junior Giants Field
      at Nicholl Park. In particular, the irrigation lines, valves and sod are in
      place, and it looks like a “real field”. The fencing is being completed,
      and new green paint is going on the benches and backstop. Cement work is to
      be done during the next week, and the left-field banner, which resembles the
      left field fencing at AT&T Park, is in production.
      As a reminder, the dedication of this field will be on Thursday, August 24th
      at 11:00 AM in Nicholl Park. Highlights of the dedication are planned to
      include the Junior Giants leading the crowd in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," a
      Junior Giants representative throwing the ceremonial first pitch to Giants
      pitcher Armando Benitez, and a Junior Giants exhibition game. The ceremony
      also includes a BBQ lunch.
      5. Greenway Walk
      I attended a walking tour of the Richmond Greenway project this past
      Tuesday. The purpose of this tour was to provide a glimpse of the trail in its
      early stages to interested parties, and to convene users and various groups that
      might be involved in the project’s ongoing development and maintenance. A
      Friends of the Richmond Greenway organization was initiated in May 2006, and
      currently meets on a monthly basis to develop recommendations for future
      maintenance, beautification, and cultural improvement projects for the trail. The
      site visit was very useful to understand the transformational impact that
      the Greenway can have on the surrounding neighborhood, if it reaches its
      potential as not only a pedestrian and bicycle amenity, but as a linear park that
      widens and narrows as it traverses the City.
      6. Meeting with WCCUSD Superintendent Bruce Harter
      I met this past week with Bruce Harter, the new Superintendent of the West
      Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD). Our meeting was intended to be
      nothing more than one during which to “get acquainted,” but we did talk
      about some substantive issues concerning which there might be some City-District
      collaboration. Dr. Harter commented particularly on how well he believes
      the new Police and School Resource Officer partnership is going with Captain
      Cleveland Brown and the Richmond Police Department. We also talked about
      establishing a closer linkage between our two organizations for after-school
      programs, and ways in which City staff members might be able to establish
      mentoring relationships for District students. We agreed that we would convene our
      respective senior staffs for a second joint meeting in October, which follows
      the first such meeting that we had this past April. I was extremely
      impressed with Dr. Harter and his vision for moving the WCCUSD forward for the
      benefit of District students.
      7. Enterprise Zone Legislative Update
      Dan Boatwright, the City’s Sacramento lobbyist, reports that he attended the
      Senate Transportation and Housing Committee earlier this week, and that AB
      485 (Arambula), the Enterprise Zone (EZ) bill, passed the committee with a
      unanimous vote. The Committee adopted in principal the “gap language”
      amendment that he suggested to them last week. The “gap language” will prevent a
      possible hiatus between Richmond’s current EZ and approval or rejection of
      the City’s current zone application, and any other EZ application for which
      the City might apply prior to March 1, 2007. This language was offered as an
      alternative to a blanket one or two year extension of expiring zones. Mr.
      Boatwright indicated that he was advised by the author, Arambula, that the
      Governor would veto any EZ bill that had a blanket extension
      8. “Meet and Greet” for Developers and Contractors
      Employment & Training and the Redevelopment Agency are hosting a
      meet-and-greet for developers, contractors, sub-contractors, union representatives and
      staff from 4:00 to 6:30 PM on Monday, August 21, 2006 at the Bermuda Room of
      the Auditorium. The purpose of this gathering is to focus on the need for
      pre-apprenticeship training of Richmond residents for construction jobs.
      Several developers and local contractors have been invited. The agenda will
      · Building relationships between local and national developers,
      contractors and sub-contractors;
      · Richmond WORKS and First Source benefits; and
      · A pre-apprenticeship initiative headed by Employment & Training.
      Mayor Anderson will welcome everyone, and light refreshments will be served.
      Councilmembers are encouraged to attend.
      9. City Personnel Changes
      City Attorney’s Office:
      Richmond’s first City Prosecutor, Thomas Min, began work this week. Before
      joining Richmond, Tom was a Deputy District Attorney with the Tulare County’
      s District Attorney’s office. Tom will be ceremonially sworn in at the
      Council meeting of September 12.
      Parks and Landscape Superintendent
      Tony Norris has accepted the position as Parks and Landscape Superintendent
      and will begin work in September. Tony previously worked with the City for
      almost a decade before leaving in March of 2002. Willie Haywood reports that
      Tony is an affable and demanding manager that cares about quality, and has
      the capability to do an excellent job in the City’s parks and landscape
      maintenance programs.
      Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about these or
      any other items of interest to you.
      Have a great week.
      Bill Lindsay
      City Manager
      City of Richmond
      1401 Marina Way South
      Richmond, CA 94804
      Phone: 510-620-6512
      Fax: 510-620-6542
      e-mail: bill_lindsay@...

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