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Project Idea: Update Board Meeting Policies Document

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  • Ms. Ott
    I think the written document, Board of Education Meeting Policies needs improvement and updating. I have a solution to suggest. ______________________
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2006
      I think the written document, "Board of Education Meeting Policies"
      needs improvement and updating. I have a solution to suggest.



      I picked up a printed version of the "Board of Education Meeting
      Policies" (hereafter referred to as "The Document") at a recent
      board meeting. It says it was adopted Sep 7, 1994 and last revised
      Jan 7, 2000 (Form.105).

      Online at:


      they have posted Form.104, last revised May 20, 1996. The Board
      Secretary should have sent the latest version to the Communications
      Department. What? No Board secretary? I digress, but frankly, I
      think WCCUSD (parents, admins, everyone) should support funds
      allocated for a School Board Secretary -- full time if they could
      find the money, but at LEAST part-time! Even in small districts,
      the Board needs a secretary. Maybe a retired secretary from the
      school district who wants a little extra income. The perfect person
      would be a retired executive assistant or ex-district secretary who
      really wants to make a difference in the school system and thus the
      world at large. Anyway, back to the topic at hand....



      If the Board had a secretary, that person would update The Document,
      but they don't. So, I'm willing to offer my services as a
      professional writer to the Board and the community (for free -- not
      because I'm not worth paying a lot of money, but because I volunteer
      for public education causes). What I'm not willing to do is fool
      around and waste my time.

      So, as I sit here in the wee hours of the morning, as the sun begins
      to crest the hills, the clouds are pink instead of whiate, and I'm
      hearing the first birds of the the new day, I dream what this
      process would look like.

      Someone from the Board would be the liason to the writer (me). The
      writer is the liason to the public (you). The writer and public
      come up with a set of questions/confusions about current document
      and the writer sends these to the Board Member. The Board Member
      responds to the writer. The writer makes fixes (maybe more
      discussion is needed on some items). The Document is refined to the
      point where it can go to the legal department for their blessing on
      the wording. The Board approves it, and the the new version goes
      online. Better instructions mean better education. We're supposed
      to be about better education, right?

      This is a pretty easy process if there are no policy changes -- just
      formatting The Document and better writing to clarify points of

      If the Board, and at least some of you, are willing to make this
      happen, then I'm on board (heh, heh). We certainly would need some
      folks to spend some time communicating with the Board to approve
      this project initially, and then we'll need valuable feedback about
      where some of the confusions are in The Document.

      What do you think?

      Ms Ott
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