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school safety

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  • Jennifer E. Felix
    I find it very humerous that no one seems to respond to my post since I moved out of the district(state etc.). I do still have family and friends who attend
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2005
      I find it very humerous that no one seems to respond to my post
      since I moved out of the district(state etc.). I do still have
      family and friends who attend schools in the district, so I do still
      have an interest in what goes on. The only reason I report on any
      differences is to hopefully give the district ideas on how other
      districts educate, test, and keep their students safe. And yes there
      is parental presence on campus, a sheriff assigned to each high
      school, they even have less than 25 high schoolers per classroom.
      For more info on curriculum you can go to:
      www.randolph.k12.nc.us/costudy/Prog of Studies 2003-2004 RHS.pdf

      The course selection booklet is 79 pages long instead of one page.
      Included is the graduation requirements. No they don't have a High
      School Exit exam. What they have is grade level exit exams. NO

      Are you reading this Ms. Pfieffer???? This is why I left the WCCUSD
      for the Randolph County School District. My son was suspended one
      day for disrespecting a substitute and I thanked the principal.
      With that kind of respect for subs, it is no wonder they have a
      waiting list for teachers to get into teaching in this district.
      Their Administrative costs and numbers, percentage wise, are half of
      WCCUSD. Perhaps that is why they have smaller class sizes. Less
      administration means more money for teachers. Also, they do not
      need to offer lifetime benefits (the teachers found that to be
      wasteful) as their starting salary for a teacher is higher than the
      median income here!! The median income for this rural area is
      31,000 and a teachers starting salary is 39,000! If you have taught
      before elsewhere it starts at 43,000!! I do believe that there are
      teachers in WCCUSD that still don't make 43,000 after several years
      in teaching. For those who question the cost of living, we are
      paying more for gas right now than even CA. But yes the cost of
      living is less here overall. Still it is obvious that teachers are
      much more important than administrators here. And consultants are a
      no-no here. They asked me why so many consultants when so many
      teachers and administrators should have at least master's degrees in
      their subjects? Perhaps our school board could answer that question
      for them? Here each subject has its own Chair, just like a college
      staff. English has 10 teachers, History-7, Science-8, Math-11, P.E.-
      6, Vocational-12, Foreign Lang.-2, Arts-5, Guidance-4, Media-3, and
      Exceptional students-13(they don't call them spec. ed., resource,
      NSH, or SH)! And as I said they have a waiting list of teachers
      wanting to teach here. They vetoed a bill lowering teacher
      standards/giving emergency credentials because they feel the
      students education suffers when standards are lowered. The govenor
      felt lowering standards or emergency credentials lower the standard
      for kids and that was unacceptable. He said he felt if we have
      standards and testing for our kids then it should be the same for
      the teachers who teach them. Sounds like solid reasoning to me!

      But I don't expect to hear from any board members on this issues.
      They still appear to me to be puppets of the administration if the
      passage of consultant fees is any indication. The supreme court
      said kids have no privacy rights when they allowed schools to search
      lockers and backpacks, so why not invest in cameras for the halls,
      cafeteria, offices, and larger classes as they did here? The gun's
      owner would have been found at ECHS if cameras had been in use in
      the gym. Using metal detectors to search students classroom to
      classroom is much more invasive and disruptive.
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