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  • Cathy Travlos
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2005
      >This Apple Bite and its appendices are posted at:
      >Apple Bite
      >News from the West Contra Costa Unified School District
      >1108 Bissell Ave. * Richmond, CA 94801-3135 * (510) 234-3825
      >For immediate release * September 1, 2005 or thereafter * No. 0506-5
      >Contact: Dr. Cynthia LeBlanc, Superintendent, interim (510) 620-2205
      > or Dr. Kaye Burnside, Chief Academic Officer, interim (510) 620-2193
      >Schools continue upward trend in API scores and increased student achievement
      >Richmond, Calif.—Schools in the West Contra Costa Unified School District
      >continue their overall trend of improved student achievement and ascending
      >test scores during the seven years that the state has published results of
      >the Academic Performance Index (API).
      >According to the 2005 Accountability Progress Report released Wednesday by
      >the California Department of Education, more than 86% of district schools
      >(45 of 52) with API scores in both 2004 and 2005 showed increased
      >growth. Overall the district increased its API by 30 points, outpacing
      >gains made by both the state (20 points) and county (22 points).
      >“We are extremely encouraged by the strong academic gains made by our
      >students in both English-Language Arts and Math,” said interim Chief
      >Academic Officer Dr. Kaye Burnside. “This is our watershed year. Our
      >schools are at the tipping point for making really significant academic
      >progress, and our momentum will continue to carry us forward towards
      >Individual elementary schools making sharp gains in their API include King
      >(122), Nystrom (103), and Castro (83). Among high schools, Kennedy posted
      >the highest gains with an 86-point increase, while Adams led the way among
      >district middle schools with a 66-point gain. Other schools achieving
      >significant growth included Peres (60), Coronado (56), Riverside (55),
      >Ellerhorst (50), and Olinda (50) elementary schools; and Pinole Valley
      >High School (50).
      >Kensington Elementary School achieved the highest API ranking in the
      >district with a score of 908. Schools scoring above the 800 level
      >included Hanna Ranch (807), Madera (870), Olinda (878), and Valley View
      >(826) elementary schools, and Middle College High School (808).
      >The API measurement ranges between 200 and 1000; the statewide target goal
      >is 800.
      >This year’s academic growth continues the district’s six-year trend of
      >rising student achievement, reflected by the gradual and constant increase
      >in API scores throughout the school system (see Appendix
      >1). Specifically, between 1999 and 2005, the district:
      > > Increased from three to six the number of elementary, middle, and high
      > schools scoring at or above the statewide performance target of 800.
      > > Increased from eight to 20 the number of elementary, middle, and high
      > schools scoring above 700.
      > > Increased from 20 to 43 the number of elementary, middle, and high
      > schools scoring above 600. Among the elementary schools scoring between
      > 500-600, many have posted scores in the high 500’s, thus putting
      > themselves in good position to break 600.
      > > Decreased from 17 to zero the number of elementary, middle, and high
      > schools scoring below 500.
      >Many schools exemplified the six-year upward trend in student academics in
      >WCCUSD. Between 1999 and 2005, Verde Elementary School increased its API
      >score at the highest rate among elementary schools. Its six-year growth
      >rate of 92% reflected an increase of 290 points. Nystrom (303-point gain)
      >and Coronado (337-point gain) followed closely with 89% and 88% growth
      >rates, respectively.
      >Other schools achieving significant six-year API growth rates include
      >Peres (69%, 268 points), Lincoln (58%, 222 points), Riverside (57%, 246
      >points), King (56%, 253 points), Lake (56%, 215 points), Grant (52%, 209
      >points), Ford 47%, 208 points), Stege (44%, 186 points), Highland (39%,
      >203 pints), Downer, 34%, 153 points), Bayview (33%, 145 points), Fairmont
      >(27%, 152 points), Wilson (26%, 143 points), and Collins (26%, 157 points).
      >Middle schools and high schools achieving the highest six-year API
      >increases were Helms (39%, 162 points), Adams (28%, 145 points), and
      >Portola (20%, 114 points) middle schools; and Richmond (45%, 176 points)
      >and Kennedy (44%, 167 points) high schools.
      >All ten schools with Year 4 Program Improvement status in 2004-05
      >consistently posted the highest six-year increases. Those schools
      >included Chavez, King, Nystrom, Peres, Riverside, Stege, and Verde
      >elementary schools; Adams Middle School; and Kennedy and Richmond high
      >The upward trend also included the district’s alternative programs: Kappa
      >Continuation High School (94-point increase), Vista High School (78-point
      >increase), and Omega Continuation High School (68-point increase) made the
      >biggest gains. Kappa and Vista received their first rankings in 2002;
      >Omega received its first ranking last year.
      >A total of 19 schools met their Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) goals as
      >outlined by the No Child Left Behind Act: Collins, Ellerhorst, Hanna
      >Ranch, Lupine Hills, Highland, Kensington, Madera, Mira Vista, Murphy,
      >Ohlone, Olinda, Riverside, Seaview, Shannon, Sheldon, Valley View, Middle
      >College, Harbour Way, and Omega. “Highland and Riverside, as Title I
      >schools serving significant numbers of students from low-income families,
      >deserve special praise for reaching all their AYP targets,” said Dr. Burnside.
      >The district met 35 of its 42 AYP criteria, with all student subgroups
      >increasing their proficiency in English-Language Arts, and all subgroups
      >except one increasing proficiency in math (see Appendix 2). Students
      >posting strong gains included those in the socio-economically
      >disadvantaged and English learners subgroups.
      >“Over the next several days we will be reviewing the data with our
      >principals and school data teams and look at how we can improve support
      >for our teachers and students,” Dr. Burnside said. “We will continue to
      >provide focused training for our teachers, and coordinate the sharing of
      >best instructional practices throughout the district. And we will
      >continue to refine our assessments so that they provide the information
      >our teachers need to support their students’ learning.”
      >The Accountability Progress Report contains both API and AYP information
      >for district schools. Links to additional useful test information may be
      >found at:
      >The API and AYP information contained in the Accountability Progress
      >Report is preliminary. The California Department of Education has
      >provided a window for school districts to submit any corrected data from
      >September 19 through October 28, 2005. During this time the district will
      >submit revised data for 2,738 students in the National School Lunch
      >Program, which may affect school-level AYP and API results for the
      >Socio-economically Disadvantaged subgroup.
      >A software problem affected the transfer of information between the Food
      >Services and SASI databases, creating the need to send revised data to the
      >state. The district has corrected the problem using a software patch
      >provided by the SASI vendor.
      ># # #

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