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Bridgeworks Group

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  • David Spade
    Hi. I m back earlier than expected (sorry about that). I read through the posts. I can t believe Karen Pfeifer s comment to let this one go. There are
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2005
      Hi. I'm back earlier than expected (sorry about that).
      I read through the posts.
      I can't believe Karen Pfeifer's comment to "let this one go."

      There are questions about Michael O'Neil, or O'Neal, or whatever.
      That's the Bridgeworks group: Michael O'Kneel.

      So the board's issue here is whether to approve paying
      Bridgeworks/Michael for work conducted without approval: $26,050
      And also to approve good ole Mike's $210,000 for 05-06.

      Some consultant approval items say Title II and TIIG.
      The $210,000 doesn't list funding source.

      By the way, did you see the Noli Porter items too?
      $65,000. Who's that? What's this?

      Dave Brown: you're the one speaking for us.
      As I listen to the board meeting, Dave you're it!

      Don't approve without questioning and asking for an evaluation of
      services rendered!!!!

      While we're at it, let's also find out what College Planning Solutions
      and other "consultants" making $100,000 or more actually achieve.

      What's this "Body Coding" stuff that warrants $98,000 from TIIG?
      What do they do? The blurb in the board packet doesn't satisfy me.

      What about Bay Area Community Resources? Do they have a proven record?

      It's time to DEMAND for answers: OK, consultants may be good. But
      where is the evaluation? Any local data available to the public as to
      the success of those people over the past years?

      As for superintendent candidates from the inside, Kaye Burnside and
      Howard Cohen look pretty good. Maybe we need a superintendent for
      elementary and one for secondary (as long as they can communicate).

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