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  • Elizabeth Jaeger
    This reminds me of the Downer teacher who asked his students which of the stories/articles in a unit of Open Court they had enjoyed. To a child, they rejected
    Message 1 of 31 , Aug 2, 2005
      This reminds me of the Downer teacher who asked his students which
      of the stories/articles in a unit of Open Court they had enjoyed.
      To a child, they rejected all but one story -- and this was from a
      collection by Gary Soto which we'd had on site and used extensively
      for several years before Open Court came on the scene. Needless to
      say, due to the relentless onward movement of Open Court, the
      teacher had no time to read other stories from the Soto collection.

      My greatest fear is that the end result will be a generation of
      students who can read but won't (although, honestly, they may not be
      able to read either -- our test scores are definitely a mixed bag
      with CSTs up and CAT6s down). Unfortunately not every parent has
      the option of placing a child on independent study; it is the
      responsibility of our district to make independent studies for kids
      of any ability unnecessary.

      --- In wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com, "Kevin Rivard" <kfrivard@h...>
      > Alicia,
      > When, Lynn and I, saw what you are describing happen to our
      daughter, Amber,
      > in fourth grade at Murphy Elementary we did not waste time, as
      parents of
      > four other children, who were in this district before Amber.
      > We pulled her out of Murphy and put her in Elementary Independent
      > It is up to the parent not to allow this or any other educational
      > institution to ruin a good student.
      > Parents, hear what Alicia is saying. This district and most
      > districts allow this type of education to go on as long as the
      district gets
      > the ADA for the student, everything is fine and the district does
      not care
      > if your child fails because the money keeps rolling in.
      > Call me a cynic and let those that work in the system and get
      their paycheck
      > from the system call me a naysayer but when students are allowed
      to go from
      > grade to grade through social promotion rather than academic
      promotion the
      > districts do not have a valid argument against what I have stated.
      > Alicia's comments only support what I have known for years. Public
      > has become another government bureaucracy that has lost its focus
      and needs
      > to be dismantled and rebuilt to it's original charge and that is
      to educate
      > children, not socialize them.
      > Kevin
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      > >School Board
      > >PLEASE listen to the teachers. As a parent of a
      > >4th grader, OPEN COURT has been a nightmare that
      > >forces the teachers to pile TONS of dittos on the
      > >kids and the repetitive style turns off the most
      > >intelligent minds. My son used to love to write
      > >in his journal. My son used to put periods at the
      > >end of sentences. My son's handwriting USED to
      > >be very neat, the scrawling chicken scratch we
      > >started seeing last year was a DANGER sign this
      > >kid was on overload. The OPEN COURT idea is to
      > >focus on ONE THING or ONE CONCEPT and JUST
      > >LOOK AT THAT> Forget periods, spelling, uppercase
      > >letters in the middle of sentences. I can't imagine
      > >how the teachers have to deal with that. Especially
      > >when the kids are headed to more serious subjects and
      > >some have to be retaught about simple things such as
      > >periods at the end of sentences, uppercase letters and
      > >where they go, simple things they were taught in 3rd
      > >grade.
      > >Its sad because one of the OPEN COURT stories was
      > >about the men Henry Wells/William Fargo.
      > >Want to know how much he remembers about that?
      > >They ran a bank
      > >They were good friends
      > >It took him five minutes to recall that part.
      > >Would be interested in hearing about RETENTION of
      > >what is being taught with the OPEN COURT style.
      > >
      > >
      > >--- In wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com, "Bea Lieberman"
      > >wrote:
      > > > I also think that at least some of the members of the
      > > > Committee should be teachers that have used and are critical
      of Open
      > > > Court. There should be opportunity for teachers to express
      > >serious
      > > > concerns about Open Court. Each grade level has its own
      > > > problems and gaps in the curriculum. Perhaps there could be a
      REAL way
      > > > to listen to and TRULY consider teacher input. In my mind it is
      > > > essential to take a long and honest look in this direction if
      we want
      > >to
      > > > improve the education our kids receive. ..Bea
      > > >
      > > >
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    • rcs101@att.net
      --Kevin and others: I will not address this issues much, only because when I came to this district many many moons ago, they were pushing something call whole
      Message 31 of 31 , Aug 3, 2005
        --Kevin and others:

        I will not address this issues much, only because when I came to this district many many moons ago, they were pushing something call "whole language" and back then I spoke out and said "one size does not fit all students and that teachers should be allowed to teach in the best interest of their students. So, when the high paid consultants came out and told the leadership what parents and teachers had already told them, they listen to the consultants. Therefore, we need to get our own group of highly paid consultant to advocate for teachers and parents. I am ready to join that group and I know some great teachers that have retire or need to make a few extra bucks that would really have the best interest of the students in mind. But, we have a problem, how do we get paid? Because as my mother would say "why buy a cow, when you can get the milk free", and that is what many of us do, volunteer or time and knowledge, only to be dismissed by the powers that be, because we are not making them pay.

        Scottie Smith

        -------------- Original message ----------------------
        From: Cathy Travlos <cbt@...>
        > I think this part is the key to what's going on in this district.
        > Curriculum decisions are being made by consultants, not by teachers or
        > parents or anyone with any curriculum knowledge. It's all been happening
        > without input from, or usually with the knowledge of, the education
        > community. It's time these decisions were made with open discussion and
        > total disclosure. I guess I'm still not quite as jaded as Kevin (though I'm
        > moving that direction....) and I actually think this committee, as a board
        > subcommittee, has a chance to change the current way of doing things.
        > Cathy
        > At 10:33 AM 8/2/2005, you wrote:
        > >Educrats are making education into a complicated morass for their own job
        > >security. As long as parents play along with the smoke and mirrors being
        > >laid out by those consultants who are sucking the billions of dollars out of
        > >the classrooms the children of today will never attain the same education as
        > >their grandparents and that is a shame.
        > >
        > >Kevin
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