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Fwd: Jobs for TechFutures students

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  • Cathy Travlos
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2005
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      >The Jobs Heat Up at TechFutures This Summer
      >For Immediate Release: July 13, 2005
      >El Cerrito, CA /TFNewswire/ -- Break? Who needs a break? While some of
      >their friends may be diving in to swimming pools this summer, several
      >TechFutures students and alumni are plunging into jobs at TechFutures
      >earning money on web and database design and development projects, as
      >Teaching Assistants, and providing PC and networking support.
      >Project Work
      >Lizette Sanchez, ECHS class of 2003, and Troy Visineau, ECHS Class of
      >2006, are sharpening their design and HTML coding skills while working on
      >a website project. Neil Weingarten, ECHS Class of 2006, is also
      >programming HTML and driving content for a client s website. Connie Chin,
      >ECHS Class of 2005 and Kristie Ramirez, ECHS Class of 2006, are
      >demonstrating their top-notch design skills on yet another website project
      >for a local non-profit organization.
      >Greg Fiddes, ECHS Class of 2003, has been leveraging his programming
      >expertise in VBScript, JavaScript, and ASP to build a content management
      >system for a client application.
      >PC and Network Support
      >Hendrick Yu and Frank Zhu, ECHS Class of 2002, have quickly become the
      >local PC and networking gurus as they provide desktop and network support
      >for the TechFutures computer labs.
      >Teaching Assistants
      >Helping their fellow students succeed as Teaching Assistants in this
      >summer s Beginning Database class at Kennedy High are Gabriella Gonzalez,
      >KHS Class of 2005, and Tom Silva, ECHS Class of 2006.
      >As the summer is not yet even half over, look for additional jobs
      >announcements this summer at TechFutures!
      >TechFutures is a two-year advanced technology training and jobs program
      >whose mission is to train at-risk high school youth in cutting-edge
      >internet applications to make them employable in high paying jobs in
      >industry. Operating at three high schools within the WCCUSD at El
      >Cerrito, Kennedy, and Richmond High School, the TechFutures training
      >focuses on high end marketable IT skills in great demand nationwide.
      >TechFutures an innovative school within a school and through new, relevant
      >curricula and programs is a model for 21st century vocational training.
      >For further information, please contact:
      >Ellen Whittier, Executive Director
      >tel: 510-528-7088
      >email: ellen@...
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