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Re: [wccusdtalk] Re: Is it a rock concert?

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  • Marilyn Langlois
    Good point, Charlie. Instead of waving hands and money, when will we, as ... Thanks, Alicia. I love your rants!! peace, Marilyn
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      Good point, Charlie. Instead of waving hands and money, when will we, as
      Alicia aptly put it:

      > > Go back to talking to people
      > > treating each other like you would want to be treated.

      Thanks, Alicia. I love your rants!!


      > From: "alicat1967" <alicat1967@...>
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      > Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 16:20:54 -0000
      > To: wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [wccusdtalk] Re: Is it a rock concert?
      > Charley,
      > Thank you so much for pulling a point out of
      > my long windedness. Being away from the puter
      > really showed in that post!
      > Alicia
      > --- In wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com, Charley Cowens
      > <charley.cowens@g...> wrote:
      >> Alicia-
      >> Your image of the student blocking the doorway pretty much
      > summarizes
      >> the whole order and safety issue in our district. Now, that we
      > prepare
      >> for a lot of continued hand waving (and money waving now that the
      >> State budget is signed) over this issue, we have to ask whether that
      >> student is still there in the same way a year from now.
      >> Charley Cowens
      >> On 7/12/05, alicat1967 <alicat1967@y...> wrote:
      >>> No
      >>> Its the line at the library, waiting for the library to open so
      > the
      >>> Internetless (at the moment) folks can get
      >>> (30 minutes for FREE with a library card)
      >>> and try and figure out what is going on in the world
      >>> or the school district in this case.
      >>> Who would have thought that one of those useless AOL discs would
      > be so
      >>> helpful but to this parent, it is for the moment. Didn't really
      > miss
      >>> being online too much, it certainly gives you a different
      > perspective.
      >>> This different perspective of "helplessness" when thinking about
      > this
      >>> district became much more intense - that is for sure!
      >>> Gave up calling downtown a LONG time ago
      >>> maybey I should try again. But then phone calls don't get
      > returned
      >>> now a days
      >>> its "emails"
      >>> Its really easy for some NOT to return or IGNORE a phone call
      >>> Sadly it is the only way that some folks try and communicate their
      >>> concerns about their children and the school they attend. If
      > they are
      >>> brave enough to do that!
      >>> Or our community members who want to know what is going on,
      >>> want to make a difference and just get a message taken and a
      > phone call
      >>> never returned.
      >>> As this district moves full speed ahead into a future filled with
      >>> technology, I do hope their are a few thoughts as to the fact that
      >>> there is more to doing the best for our kids than just the email,
      > the
      >>> PDF file, accountability reports, statistics, test scores and
      > numbers.
      >>> Why are we in the mess we are today? We have TOO much.
      >>> My Dad is 73 years old and says he can't believe that today we
      > have SO
      >>> MUCH TECHNOLOGY and SO MUCH STUFF that it takes us longer to do
      >>> ANYTHING.
      >>> No my Dad does not own a computer
      >>> He does enjoy seeing the pics my sister used to send to me, and
      >>> marveled at the fact that we could do that just THE DAY AFTER we
      > took
      >>> the pic.
      >>> Go back to talking to people
      >>> treating each other like you would want to be treated.
      >>> I was at Kennedy High School last week during school hours. One
      > of the
      >>> principals was at the door speaking with a student who happen to
      > be
      >>> blocking the path of anyone who wanted to enter or exit.
      > Expecting the
      >>> principal to tell the kid to move or stop blocking the door,
      >>> it didn't bother them in the slightest and the principal didn't
      > say a
      >>> word.
      >>> As I scooted past that student, things got a little more dark
      > with my
      >>> thinking. I have two young men in this district and if they EVER
      > did
      >>> something that disrespectful to an adult - in the presence of a
      >>> principal,
      >>> well then I didn't do a good job as a parent did I?
      >>> Or to this principal who wasn't doing their job by expecting the
      > WORST
      >>> from our kids and getting the WORST
      >>> Thats where we went wrong
      >>> Cop cars out in front of our schools - not listening to our kids,
      > not
      >>> even realizing they want to speak, not even caring that they are
      > NOT
      >>> heard.
      >>> Expect the best ------ get the best!
      >>> Expect the worst
      >>> well
      >>> you know what you will get.
      >>> Yes after a absence online,
      >>> the queen of the long winded post is back.
      >>> alicia
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