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Re: [wccusdtalk] Fwd: Legislation Information Alert--2005-06 State Budget

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  • Charley Cowens
    The immediate upshot of this for WCCUSD is that about $2 million will be available for additional expenditure (or not). At the last Community Budget Advisory
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 12, 2005
      The immediate upshot of this for WCCUSD is that about $2 million will
      be available for additional expenditure (or not). At the last
      Community Budget Advisory Committee, Dave Brown and Karen Fenton
      presented the current Budget Subcommittee wish list. Before I opine
      about this, could Dave or Karen please post this online as text inside
      a message (not as an attachment).

      Thanks in advance,
      Charley Cowens

      On 7/12/05, Cathy Travlos <cbt@...> wrote:
      > Passing this along, from Bayside PTA.
      > Cathy
      > CA State PTA
      > Legislation Information Alert
      > July 12, 2005
      > 2005-06 CA State Budget Information Alert
      > On July 5 Governor Schwarzenegger announced a 2005-06 budget agreement with
      > Legislative leaders. The budget was approved late last week by the Assembly
      > and the Senate and signed by the Governor yesterday, July 11. (Before
      > signing the budget, however, the Governor vetoed 115.6 million, including
      > $20 million for instructional materials for English Language Learners.)
      > In the final budget there was a compromise involving the Governor's
      > plans to shift from the state to local school districts the burden of
      > paying $469 million in teacher retirement funds. Half of that amount
      > will be paid by the state, but the other half will paid be from settle
      > up money that had been set aside to pay down mandate costs owed to
      > school districts. The budget agreement reached Tuesday contained $3
      > billion to pay for the growth in student population and provide a
      > cost-of-living increase to schools, but no new dollars. In fact it
      > allocates billions less than schools are owed under an agreement made
      > with Governor Schwarzenegger last year.
      > On July 6 the Education Coalition, which includes the California State
      > PTA, issued the following statement:
      > The more than 1.7 million parents, teachers, school board members,
      > school employees and administrators represented by the Education
      > Coalition are deeply disappointed that the budget passed today does not
      > keep the promise to provide adequate funding for California's students
      > and public schools. This budget is certainly not "terrific" nor is it
      > the "best budget agreement ever" as the Governor claimed. This budget
      > fails to mend the Governor's broken promises to education, it fails to
      > meet the Constitutional requirements of the voter-approved Proposition
      > 98, and it underfunds our schools by $3.1 billion at a time when they
      > receive nearly $1,000 less per pupil than the national average. We are
      > further disappointed that the Governor now plans to makes things worse
      > by campaigning for an initiative that gives him the power to gut
      > Proposition 98, reduce education funding below the minimum funding
      > guarantees and slash base funding for our schools by billions.
      > The Education Coalition will continue its campaign to protect
      > Proposition 98, make sure schools receive the funds required under
      > current law approved by voters and secure long-term, adequate and
      > stable funding for public education. The Governor's agreement, State
      > statute and the California Constitution all require an additional $1.8
      > billion in funding this past fiscal year and $1.3 billion in the new
      > budget year. We hope that the Governor and the Legislature will work to
      > find a way to address the ongoing fiscal shortfalls in school districts
      > throughout the state – shortfalls which guarantee more school
      > closures, increase in class sizes, lay offs of teachers and support
      > staff, and a devastating shortage of librarians, counselors and nurses.
      > The future of our state depends on giving our students access to a
      > quality education. Our students and schools deserve better.
      > Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell said, "While this
      > budget unfortunately represents a status quo for our schools, we now
      > must focus on the November special election and defeating the
      > Governor's Live Within Our Means Act. That initiative would do serious
      > long-term damage to our schools by eviscerating the state's
      > Constitutional guarantee of stable school funding."
      > The California State PTA has taken an OPPOSE position on the Living
      > Within Our Means Act, Proposition 76 on the November 8 ballot. The
      > defeat of his measure will be the highest priority for PTA in coming
      > months.
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