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  • Marsha Williamson
    Here s the latest news from Edsource. Marsha Williamson New From EdSource May 5, 2005 http://www.edsource.org
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2005
      Here's the latest news from Edsource.
      Marsha Williamson

      New From EdSource
      May 5, 2005

      In this issue:
      * New Forum Report
      * Coming Soon!
      * Subscribe Now for Next Year's Publications


      From the White House to the governor's office to local school
      districts, high school reform is at the center of a hot debate. At
      EdSource's 28th annual Forum, speakers focused on the need to
      change public high schools, painting a somewhat grim picture of
      high schools both in California and the nation. But a number of
      speakers offered exciting examples of alternatives to the
      traditional high school as well as views on the best ways to
      implement change. This report summarizes the speakers'
      comments. Download it for free at:


      Stay tuned for two upcoming reports:
      "How are California's Charter Schools Performing?", due out in
      late May, will provide new analyses and explore the reasons why
      that is such a hard question to answer. In June, EdSource will
      publish more about high schools including new performance
      data and a look at Career/Technical Education.


      EdSource publications can help you stay informed about
      California's public education issues and policies. Each academic
      year, EdSource develops six to eight in-depth publications, plus
      a variety of shorter pieces. If you rely on EdSource publications
      for trustworthy, useful information that clarifies complex K-12
      education issues, subscribe to the EdSource Information Service
      to make sure you get each publication as soon as it becomes

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