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Re: Actual paycuts during bankruptcy

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  • ralphebedwell
    Bea, I didn t say that all the best teachers will automatically gravitate to higher paying districts. However, SOME of the will definitely do so, and SOME
    Message 1 of 5 , May 3, 2005
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      I didn't say that "all the best teachers will automatically gravitate
      to higher paying districts." However, SOME of the will definitely do
      so, and SOME talented newcomers who will eventually become great
      teachers will choose to start their careers elsewhere. If you lose
      SOME of the best here, and SOME of the best there, the net result is
      that MOST kids lose. Yes, SOME will stay, but not ALL.

      For example, I know a great teacher -- definitely among the best that
      I have been around -- who is choosing to leave our district at the
      end of the year for a neighboring district. Why? She will receive a
      $10,000 raise. Why is that important? She has two kids to support,
      and a mortgage. This decision does not make her any less dedicated
      to kids; she will be teaching just as many kids in her new job as she
      has been teaching here. They will get the benefit of her experience,
      expertise, and talent, not WCCUSD kids. As her credential is an area
      of scarcity, it is likely that she will be replaced by a newcomer,
      perhaps even someone without a full credential. I'm sure she is not
      the only one, and inevitably more will follow in the future.

      Rebecca is correct that not everyone who leaves a job does so because
      of the money. But SOME do, and that contributes to the overall brain
      drain that compromises our children's education.


      --- In wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com, "Bea Lieberman" <bilanalieb@c...>
      > I need to make a comment here.There are many dedicated and
      > teachers who CHOOSE to work in WCCUSD despite the low pay.for the
      > students.Yes, it is true.Even though WCCUSD treats teachers
      like "..."
      > there are those among us that wish to work with the children that
      > in this area.Don't assume that all the best teachers will
      > gravitate to higher paying districts...Perhaps we are fools.but
      > don't overlook the wonderful teachers who do stay.year after
      > year..plugging away.It's rather insulting when you make the
      > that good teachers will automatically leave..Thanks.Bea
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      > Rebecca,
      > Arguing over the history is really incidental here. The real issue
      > in the current negotiations is how does overall teacher
      > in this district compare to that of other districts within
      > distance of the WCCUSD area? If other districts offer
      > more, many WCCUSD teachers (and likely ones who are among those you
      > would most want to keep) will choose to change districts. That's
      > just reality.
      > Anyway, we're asking dedicated workers in an important field who
      > put a lot of time and education into becoming skilled professionals
      > to agree to take less in compensation for their services than they
      > have been, despite the fact that their real compensation has been
      > dropping for years even without these changes being made. You
      > blame them for resisting this, can you?
      > Ralph
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Referring to the below comment in Shirley Dang's article in the
      > Times today. The year before the bankruptcy Dr. Marks gave the
      > teachers an 8% pay increase. The next year he gave them a 9% pay
      > increase. For a total of a 17% pay increase. What was rescinded
      > during the bankruptcy was the second pay increase. But the teachers
      > have kept the original 8% pay increase granted by Dr. Marks, in
      > addition to any other pay increases that have been granted over the
      > years. Dr. Marks' philosophy was to raise teacher pay to attract
      > best and the brightest to the district. That was the same
      > that Dennis Chaconis had in Oakland. Please read the recent
      > article, "Caustic Reformer."
      > >
      > > But I would also like to say here that I think the rise in
      > administrator salaries and benefits is reprehensible and they get
      > the same lifetime health benefits. So I believe this problem
      > equally between the teachers, the administrators and the classified
      > staff.
      > >
      > > It looks to me like education will go down the drain before all
      > benefits; perks; and extras do for the people that run and staff
      > schools.
      > >
      > > Rebecca
      > >
      > > "...Union leaders said teachers have already taken massive pay
      > in order to ensure lifetime benefits. For instance, when the
      > went bankrupt in 1991, teachers took a 9 percent hit..".
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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