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Monitoring supplemental education services

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  • Cathy Travlos
    This is from the National PTA newsletter, This Week in Washington and I thought everyone here would be interested. Cathy
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      This is from the National PTA newsletter, "This Week in Washington" and I
      thought everyone here would be interested.

      >4. Monitoring Supplemental Education Services
      >On Tuesday, April 26, members of the House Education and the Workforce
      >Committee expressed concern that there is not enough information to
      >determine whether Supplemental Education Services (SES)--after-school or
      >weekend tutoring--are being effective.
      >The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires districts to provide free SES
      >for students in schools not meeting adequate yearly progress (AYP) targets.
      >NCLB requires states to evaluate the effectiveness of the services after two
      >years and to remove from their list any provider that has failed to help
      >students improve their academic achievement for two or more years.
      >Private companies and other groups offer SES to parents of eligible children
      >at no charge. Currently, there is little oversight or accountability for SES
      >providers. Much of the questioning and commentary at the hearing focused on
      >who and how SES providers should be monitored. One option is to focus
      >primarily on how well SES providers' students do on standardized tests, but
      >this fails to take into consideration other factors, such kids not regularly
      >showing up for their tutoring.
      >Some of the suggestions for improving the quality of SES include having the
      >industry establish requirements, including education levels and background
      >checks, that all SES providers would have to adhere to, or creating
      >recognized professional standards--similar to those in other professions--so
      >there will be a way to assess providers' qualifications and abilities
      >independent of student test results.
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