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  • Rebecca Hazlewood
    Well Cathy, this is really strange as GATE records can t be like tax records, which do have a three year window. Potential tax audits have a three year life.
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 29, 2005
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      Well Cathy, this is really strange as GATE records can't be like tax records, which do have a three year window. Potential tax audits have a three year life. It seems to me that GATE records can and should have been reduced to spreadsheets quite easily, even back then, and kept in perpetuity, if for no other reasons than statistical as Cathy suggests. I guess that my older son's GATE records were destroyed, since he graduated in 1999. Do they want to eliminate the GATE program?

      To what end I ask? Is the district ashamed of its GATE students? I do remember at both Madera and Harding that there were a fairly large group of GATE students identified.Not all of them performed at a level that might be considered acceptable, but that is not what GATE students are about. But, since the records have been destroyed I guess we will never know. Sorry, wish I could remember ethnic identity. I do remember at Harding that there was this kid, who was a real trouble maker, but also a leader, a black kid who was GATE identified. He may still be at ECHS. I remember that Chris Jackson at Madera was GATE identified, but as I mentioned in a previous posting he was shot and killed in front of Kennedy, when he was 14.

      Sorry to hear about this.

      Cathy Travlos <cbt@...> wrote:
      Does anyone here know if there are regulations about how long school
      districts have to keep records?

      This came up as we were preparing for the presentation from the consultants
      hired by Cathie Kosel to evaluate the GATE program. The folks at HTA were
      fine, although members of the District Advisory Committee aren't too
      pleased that they were only contracted to look at the 2002 plan, not at
      current best practices or research. There were statements made in their
      report like "traditionally" and "in the past" and we wanted to check on the
      assumptions. Imagine our amazement to find that Cathie Kosel had all the
      records before 1999 destroyed so there is no longer any information about
      how many GATE kids were identified by school, by grade, by ethnicity, by
      anything. Hard to evaluate what happens when you change something if you
      now have nothing for comparison....

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