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  • Kevin Rivard
    From Times today about the safety meeting and District Police, _______________________________________________________________________________ Board members
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2005
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      From Times today about the safety meeting and District Police,

      Board members said something needs to change but expressed concern over how
      to pay for any of the plans, which would cost $3.2 million to $4.7 million.
      Several said the board needs to slow down and craft a more comprehensive
      safety package.

      "All of a sudden, we're being told we have to triple our budget in this
      area," said board member Charles Ramsey. "That to me is stunning. We have to
      take a step back."

      NEED TO SLOW DOWN? The information that the district policing
      recommendations are based on has been around since 2001. FOUR YEARS ago for
      the benefit of those who learned math in this district.

      Three of the five Board Members were in their Board of Education chairs when
      the 2001 District Police Department audit was done that showed change was
      needed. Now one of the longest standing board members states, "That to me
      this is stunning. We have to take a step back."

      Step back to 2001. I disagree, we need to move forward. We do not need one
      more study as suggested in the article. The study was done and shelved. We
      do not need another study as a door stop or dust collector. We need
      leadership willing to do what was recommended four years ago. Pull out the
      duster, clean off the 2001 Audit open it up and implement it and save money
      and time from another audit and Blue Ribbon panel that will simply waste
      more of the community's time.

      This is the leadership you have entrusted your children to. What a sad state
      of affairs when the leadership will not even admit they buried the report
      and then put an unmarked wooden cross on the site hoping no one would find

      The ghost has come back to haunt the three board members and now they wish
      to plead ignorance and of course the public will go along with it to save
      what little crumbs are thrown at their school sites from this administration
      and board.


      Also, if you did not catch my last post, watch out Site Councils your MRAD
      funds are to be raided again this year unless these same Board Members stop
      it. Keep your peepers on those MRAD funds. This will be my theme for awhile,
      as I learned this district is pulling another R-9 manipulation as they did
      when my kids went to Murphy and we lost our MRAD funds and County R-9
      funding got stuck picking up the tab. A little history from one who

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