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Re: [wccusdtalk] Re: West County Times article re budgets

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  • Tammera Campbell
    I have some wonderfully thick documents explaining benefit comparisons in the district. Actually WCCUSD looks average. I haven t had much time to delve into
    Message 1 of 11 , Jul 1, 2003
      I have some wonderfully thick documents explaining benefit comparisons in the district. Actually WCCUSD looks average. I haven't had much time to delve into them too deeply but would be willing to share the information. I'll see if I can make copies of pertinent pages before the Saturday, July 12th meeting. My eldest son is playing baseball at this time on his all-star team. I cannot make commitments at this time until his schedule flushes out, but I will make an effort to get these copies to Kevin or Lori if I cannot attend.

      Francie <fdkunaniec@...> wrote:
      Mt. Diablo adopted their 03-04 budget last week. The actual numbers
      are $235,926,234 in expenditures and $231,957,510 in revenue
      (http://www.mdusd.k12.ca.us/fiscal/). These are general fund numbers
      only, not categorical.

      One of the differences in WCCUSD and other districts is the benefits
      schedule and the benefits cost to whoever pays (district or employee)
      is rising dramatically. In our case, the costs are paid soley by the

      The added health benefits costs paid by WCCUSD, that other districts
      are not responsible for, is part of the differential in cuts.
      Additionally, it looks from Mt. Diablo's numbers that they are taking
      a $3m shortfall, which WCCUSD isn't taking.

      One of our local newspapers ran a comparison of East Bay school
      districts' benefits plans several years ago and I sure wish I kept it.
      Pleasanton is the district I remember - they pay higher salaries and
      no benefits at all. According to the Mt. Diablo current union
      contract, that district pays $192 per year for medical plus full
      dental and full family vision. There is no one available at their
      union office this summer to confirm these numbers - I pulled them
      directly out of their contract
      (http://www.mtdiabloeducationassoc.org/contract/article16.htm). The
      Acalanes contract calls for that district to pay for $535 per year for
      active members and $210 per year for retirees. We pay full cost for
      retiree benefits.

      On one of the charts WCCUSD has posted, the classroom teachers
      salaries for a given period are listed at $102.9 million and the
      benefits for that same period are $26.7 million. That gives you an
      easy ballpark figure to use. Whatever you pay a teacher, add another
      25% for benefits.

      All teachers are required to join UTR and UTR requires all members to
      accept benefits, there's no opting out if a spouse has a better plan.
      If a teacher doesn't take the medical benefits, he/she is given $75
      per month in additional pay. Dental and vision coverage are required,
      whether or not you need the insurance.

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