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Re: [March4Education] Lack of Security at Pinole Valley High:SITE SUPERVISION

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  • Tammera Campbell
    Sarah, It is easy to blame everything on the lack of site supervisors. Yes we need to fix this, but ultimately it is the behavior of the kids and the fact
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 4, 2004
      It is easy to blame everything on the lack of site
      supervisors. Yes we need to fix this, but ultimately
      it is the behavior of the kids and the fact that we do
      not hold them accountable. We do not have a plan in
      place for discipline in this district, a plan that
      encompasses all that we need. We need to get our act
      together, develop a real plan with all the support
      functions (this costs money), and stick to it.
      Unfortunately we have parents who threaten lawsuits
      and the district backs down. For once, I wish all
      people would put the welfare of the kids first.

      --- SarahCreeley@... wrote:

      > Hi All,
      > I have been told that there is only one site
      > supervisor for the entire
      > Hercules Middle School site.
      > I spoke with an adult who has worked on that campus
      > and she said she will not
      > send her kids there because it isn't safe. There are
      > regular fights. Some
      > kids don't want to walk there because they are
      > afraid of getting "jumped". Our
      > district loses more money because people pull their
      > kids out of the public
      > schools. When will our Board members and
      > Superintendent start putting money into
      > school site safety? We have been talking about this
      > for months, and judging from
      > a School Board meeting I went to, the North Campus
      > community has been talking
      > about it for years! We need to fix this!!! NOW!
      > LOVE,
      > Sarah
      > In a message dated 10/1/2004 9:28:33 AM Pacific
      > Standard Time,
      > lori.berry@... writes:
      > > FYI--this bears directly on the lack of site
      > supervisors/safety issue.
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      > > Subject: FW: Lack of Security at Pinole
      > Valley High
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      > > From: Wilke Vanessa
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      > > Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2004 9:34 PM
      > > To: Concerned Parents; John Miner; etree@...
      > > Subject: Lack of Security at Pinole Valley High
      > >
      > > My son, who is a Junior at Pinole Valley has
      > informed me that he does not
      > > feel safe at
      > > school. He said there are apparently 2 site
      > supervisors and 1 security guard
      > > who he has
      > > yet to see do anything. During class time students
      > are constantly wandering
      > > the halls.
      > > At lunch students are running all over campus
      > including thru the halls
      > > which he did not
      > > think was allowed. Yesterday a he told me how his
      > English teacher was
      > > forced out of
      > > her classroom at lunch and two girls were in the
      > room fighting, when she did
      > > get to
      > > re-enter there was blood all over. She called 911
      > to get help from the
      > > Pinole P.D., she
      > > was told that it was out of their jurisdiction
      > and they could not respond
      > > unless called by
      > > the school administration.She was responding to
      > the immediate situation
      > > when she needed assistance. The teacher was
      > frustrated by the "process" to get
      > > help to
      > > the classroom in an emergency. You have to push a
      > button, wait for someone
      > > to answer, for the one security guard to respond.
      > Is this the protocol if an
      > > angry student was to be flashing a weapon as well?
      > I don't like the fact
      > > that I am trusting the judgement of my sons
      > teachers and staff of the school to
      > > keep him safe while at school
      > > and the "rules" do not seem to allow them to do
      > so!
      > > Why can't the teachers also receive support they
      > need? When a teacher is
      > > faced with trying to control an out of control
      > situation, most likely
      > > involving multiple students why should that
      > teacher be unable to request help from
      > > the police department in our
      > > community? At the same time this girl fight was
      > happening students
      > > prevented another
      > > fight from breaking out nearby when one group of
      > students began taunting
      > > kids who
      > > were minding their own business. What if that too
      > erupted into a fight?
      > > School has only
      > > been in session for 5 1/2 weeks... do we envision
      > the supervision getting
      > > better, having
      > > more control? Why are students allowed to wander
      > the school? Why are
      > > students
      > > allowed to sit out near the sidewalk area of
      > Pinole Valley Road when
      > > classes are
      > > in session? I witness this every day. Who
      > "should" I contact for answers to
      > > my
      > > questions and more importantly who can the
      > teachers contact for protection
      > > of themselves and innocent students if not our
      > police department?? If a
      > > teacher calls 911
      > > I believe they do so with good reason, I want a
      > quick and rapid response to
      > > aid them.
      > > If the school itself,and or the district, is
      > unable to provide a safe
      > > learning environment for our students then they
      > better not deny access to help
      > > from the city when needed!
      > > Awaiting a reply....
      > > Sincerely,
      > > Vanessa Wilke
      > Jen Felix wrote:
      > Lori:
      > Why am I not surprised at such a letter.� Because I
      > had an extended
      > year special ed student disappear for two hours from
      > a "Closed
      > Campus" summer school session.� No one even knew she
      > was off
      > campus!� I see it every morning I drop her off.� It
      > is 8 am and
      > students are walking in groups AWAY from the
      > campus!� Just this
      > morning 4 girls were walking past a Richmond police
      > officer parked
      > at a firestation obviously not walking towards the
      > school, but away
      > from it.� He never even looked their way, let alone
      > sent them back
      > to school.� The Richmond police will ticket you for
      > parking in the
      > bus zone but when the student who was seen lighting
      > a trash can on
      > fire was reported to be at a pizza shop one block
      > away they never
      > came to look for him.� I can only forsee these
      > situations getting
      > worse!� At least school's like Pinole, Richmond and
      > Kennedy have
      > definite law enforcement offices they can contact.�
      > When my son had
      > an issue at Crespi and my daughter at DeAnza,
      > because they are in
      > unicorporated areas, I felt like I was being palmed
      > off to different
      > offices.� I called Richmond first, they say
      > unincorporated areas are
      > covered by the CHP.� The CHP in turn informed me it
      > was the
      > Sheriff's Dept. jurisdiction.� I can feel for Ms.
      > Wilke and her
      > child and will keep them and our other students in
      > my prayers!

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