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RE: [wccusdtalk] Re: [March4Education] Lack of Security at Pinole Valley High:SITE SUPERVISION

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  • Tammera Campbell
    So as we all state that there is a discipline problem in our schools, does anyone have a solution? More site supervisors would be a good start, but you need to
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 4, 2004
      So as we all state that there is a discipline problem
      in our schools, does anyone have a solution?

      More site supervisors would be a good start, but you
      need to ask yourselves, why are these kids not held
      accountable for their behavior? Too many times I hear
      parents say it is not my kid, well folks it is our
      kids. Everyone is accountable in this situation and I
      for one will take on that responsbility and come up
      with the following suggestions,

      1. Zero tolerance on discipline issues all the way
      through K-12. There has to be consequences to your

      2. Better classroom management and training for
      teachers. Give them the tools to succeed.

      3. More parent involvement. Gee I wish I could make
      it mandatory for parents to participate in their
      children's lives. Remember they spend 1/3-1/4 of
      their time at school. Why aren't we there with them?
      Why don't we help out in the evenings?

      4. Fulfill Keri Noyce's (PVHS counselor) vision of
      having a full fledged counseling center at PVHS with
      support from the kids, parents, faculty and community.
      The site council has backed this concept and the
      first steps of getting it off the ground are happening
      now. This counseling center would give the kids a
      place to go and talk and get some help because frankly
      too many parents have left their children behind.

      5. Connect your local city's youth programs with the
      counselors at the middle and high schools. Promote a
      relationship between the schools and city and work
      together to take care of our kids.

      6. More after school programs. Pinole Middle has a
      program with the help of the Ed Fund and the city of
      Pinole. PVHS has the student art gallery for our high
      school kids backed by the Arts Foundation.

      7. Uniforms - Frankly if the kids cannot keep
      themselves in check, guess what, we parents may just
      have to impress on them that if they don't
      self-discipline, uniforms are on the way. For me I
      would like to see it in the Pinole area - all feeder
      schools to PVHS will comply. And don't anyone give me
      the line of financial hardship. Buying FUBU, Nike,
      etc. is more expensive than buying khaki pants and a
      white shirt.

      8. Joint effort between the local police agencies and
      schools. Unfortunately our school police do not have
      the resources to address all 53 schools in this
      district. The police chiefs (the professionals in
      this field) in our surrounding cities provided an
      analysis and plan on how to improve and tackle the
      issue, but did anyone listen - NO!!!!! And don't just
      blame downtown, the union had something to do with it

      9. If you are a student who does not reside in the
      area of residency and you become a discipline problem
      and then further compound that problem by fighting,
      good-bye! You have now lost the right to remain at
      that school. That is the consequence to your

      And just to let you all know, I asked my son if he
      fears going to school. He said no. And then he asked
      me a question, didn't you have fights in school when
      you went to school mom?


      --- Kevin Rivard <kfrivard@...> wrote:

      > Alicia,
      > The district is down $7 million at least for next
      > year and if they have to
      > start putting $10 million a year away for the
      > lifetime medical benefits on
      > top of the yearly cost of those benefits and the
      > School Closing Committee,
      > MY WORDS PEOPLE, doesn't come up with ten schools to
      > close for the 2005-06
      > school year the district is going to have to go out
      > for another parcel tax
      > to cover the deficit.
      > Then you have the assumption, MY ASSUMPTION PEOPLE,
      > that there is not going
      > to be enough money to complete all the building
      > projects and in 2006 the
      > district is going to have to go out for another
      > Building Bond to complete
      > those projects currently planned the double whammy
      > is coming in 05-06 so the
      > district has to do like they did for the Measure B
      > campaign and draw a dire
      > picture so the community will roll over and vote
      > more taxes in.
      > What better way than safety. They already played the
      > Sports, Counselor and
      > Music card, now they have to come up with a Trump
      > card, and I'm not talking
      > Donald here.
      > If you were working in a place where every day you
      > were threatened, had no
      > toilet paper, hot water or soap in the bathrooms,
      > fights outside your office
      > and management that sometimes locked you out of your
      > work space how long
      > would you work for that company. Especially when
      > 2/3rds of the product did
      > not meet the minimum standards. Yet, that is what we
      > force our kids into
      > every day of their school year and this community
      > accepts that.
      > If I did not supply my child with toilet paper, hot
      > water, soap and locked
      > her out of the house how long before Child
      > Protective Services would be
      > called. In fact the same schools that are doing this
      > to our children are
      > required to report such neglect to the authorities
      > who are then required to
      > act in the childs best interest. Think about what we
      > are allowing to go on
      > and the fact we have no one in the County, State or
      > Federal Educational
      > systems to turn too, and the children are forced to
      > endure.
      > Kevin
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      > >Subject: [wccusdtalk] Re: [March4Education] Lack of
      > Security at Pinole
      > >Valley High:SITE SUPERVISION
      > >Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 13:53:25 -0700
      > >
      > >Hi All,
      > >
      > >I have been trying to get a response from Mr. Del
      > Simone on truancy issues
      > >in general for a month. I even shared with him the
      > information about
      > >businesses in the shopping center there
      > (Albertsons) who allow the kids to
      > >enter the store during school hours, let them hang
      > out in the shopping
      > >center, and EVERYONE down there is FULLY AWARE
      > kids go and leave the
      > >campus, go hang out behind that shopping center,
      > come back to school.
      > >Pretty much a revolving door.
      > >
      > >In fact I was told by a parent of a PVHS student
      > that the security there on
      > >the campus will tell you their job is to ensure
      > >SCHOOLS do not go on the campuses. These security
      > officers know all about
      > >the creek hang out areas behind that shopping
      > center and say it is NOT
      > >THEIR JOB to patrol that area. OK, so if that is
      > NOT their job, fine I
      > >understand that COMPLETLEY, they need to be on the
      > campus.
      > >
      > >
      > >It is simply UNACCEPTABLE that we can not use these
      > officers to respond to
      > >these ESCALATING VIOLENT situations on the campuses
      > and NOW in the
      > >classrooms that are beginning to be brought to
      > light. Thank you to the
      > >parent who spoke up.
      > >
      > >BOARD MEMBERS - STEP UP. Please do not tell us the
      > money is not there.
      > >Mr. Cohen - You are the Regional Superintendent
      > over these schools where
      > >safety has now become an EVERYDAY discussion about
      > how our children AND
      > >TEACHERS do not feel safe. Are you willing to do
      > what it takes to come up
      > >with some ways to get a PLAN IN PLACE to prevent
      > further incidents like
      > >this from happening? STEP UP and go down to the
      > schools. Start with PVHS.
      > > Volunteer ONE DAY as a SCHOOL SITE SUPERVISOR.
      > Take notes, see if some
      > >kids can talk to you. Get the security officers
      > >to show you this area behind the shopping center,
      > go talk to the businesses
      > >in that center to get an idea on just how laxed
      > safety and keeping our kids
      > >on campus in class has become. I will volunteer to
      > help you Mr. Cohen, as
      > >Im sure others would be too.
      > >
      > >We know the money is funny, but kids and teachers
      > NOT BEING SAFE on our
      > >school campuses is NO LAUGHING MATTER.
      > >Alicia Pohl
      > >
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      > > Sent: Sunday, October 03, 2004 10:08 AM
      > > Subject: [March4Education] Lack of Security at
      > Pinole Valley High:SITE
      > >
      > >
      > > Hi All,
      > > I have been told that there is only one site
      > supervisor for the entire
      > >Hercules Middle School site.
      > > I spoke with an adult who has worked on that
      > campus and she said she
      > >will not send her kids there because it isn't safe.
      > There are regular
      > >fights. Some kids don't want to walk there because
      > they are afraid of
      > >getting "jumped". Our district loses more money
      > because people pull their
      > >kids out of the public schools. When will our Board
      > members and
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