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Re: [wccusdtalk] Re: High School Information/Literacy Assistant.

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  • Kevin Rivard
    Sarah, Why did you consider Open Court trainings a poor use of money when you thought it was the district paying for it? Do you now consider it a good use of
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 23, 2004
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      Why did you consider Open Court trainings a poor use of money when you
      thought it was the district paying for it? Do you now consider it a good use
      of money because someone else is paying for it?

      If Open Court works and the children benefit from it I would think it would
      be a good investment regardless of who pays for it. If it causes concern
      among the teachers and the benefits do not justify the costs then the
      teachers along with the union should be raising red flags at the board
      meetings. Why is it that those with the most knowledge and the most direct
      contact with the kids, the teachers, give up their power so easily to the
      central administration?

      The children need the voice of the teachers to say no more to a system if it
      does not work. If Open Court doesn't work than fight to get rid of it but
      please have something else that the teachers believe in and that they will
      use to replace Open Court and then get your union behind the teachers to
      fight for it. My daughter is a senior next year and that is the last of my
      kids to have to go through this failed experiment called Education. My kids
      were some of the guinea pigs that started with the old Open Court which then
      got tossed for Whole Language and New New math and fortunately Lynn and I
      were able to shepherd them through the system by putting them into
      Independent Study and then with Amber after 4 years of elementary
      independent study she was able to go into high school with the skills needed
      to do OK. The unfortunate thing is a lot kids are without the skills needed
      or the home support and that is when they need you the teachers need to come
      together and tell the community and the administration what you need to
      educate the kids. Please use your strength in numbers to say no to bad
      educational systems and no to consultants out to make a fast buck on our
      kids back and say yes to what you the teachers know is in the best interest
      of the kids.

      We now have another set of consultants working their way through the high
      schools and I see just more wasted time. We are now being told it will take
      five years to implement this NEW way to teach at high schools and in the
      mean time four years of students get left behind. Then a new administration
      will come in and say, "I have a consultant I used in my district and I want
      to implement that program." More kids left behind.

      Sarah, you and your fellow teachers have to stop this madness. My kids are
      done but please for those kids just starting don't let their 13 years go to
      waste in this district. Stand up for the children and say, enough is enough.


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      >Subject: Re: [wccusdtalk] Re: High School Information/Literacy Assistant.
      >Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 13:13:25 EDT
      >Thank you, Alicia and Francie, for that valuable info! Great questions,
      >Alicia, with timely, reassuring responses, from Francie.
      >I had been very upset about Open Court literacy trainings, thinking it was
      >poor use of $, when I learned from my Principal that no district $ was used
      >pay for that. It was funded by a grant from the Stepsky Foundation.
      >The cuts that are concerning me are the loss of 9 Principals, resulting in
      >half time Principals at 20 elementary schools. Our Principal is sharing
      >two schools that aren't very far apart, physically. That's not the case for
      >most of the schools.
      >The Principal sets the tone/character/climate for the school. When students
      >have behavior problems, teachers rely on the Principal to sort things out
      >the child, allowing the teacher to teach the rest of the class. The
      >should be accessible to parents to listen to them, when there is a problem.
      >Teachers have previously expressed concerns about Principals being gone a
      >for meetings. I think it's unreasonable to ask a Principal to be in charge
      >2 schools.
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