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Re: Thank you from a Grateful Parent, but the fight isn't over

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  • Sharon J.
    I would vote for a parcel tax each and every year because I think the school my son attends is excellent (Harding Elementary). I love the parents I ve met. The
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 10, 2004
      I would vote for a parcel tax each and every year because I think the
      school my son attends is excellent (Harding Elementary). I love the
      parents I've met. The teachers are superb, the students are trying
      really hard, and the threat of budget cuts have brought a lot of
      people into the fold that have never been active before.

      Our kindergarten registrations are up, test scores are up, and we have
      more people than ever at our PTA meetings.

      Combining all parcel taxes and bond taxes still costs me a fraction of
      what a private school would so I'm not going to sit around complaining.

      A happy parent.

      --- In wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com, "Kevin Rivard" <kfrivard@h...> wrote:
      > Good luck Marsha on plugging the dark holes. The district did not
      even give
      > out Title One projections so site councils could make budgets for
      next year.
      > We will be starting out the year without basic supplies again.
      > Site Councils are over until next year. If any money is released
      over the
      > summer it will be up to the Principal and site staff to do something
      with it
      > unless emergency meetings are called and the people on site councils
      can be
      > found to have the meetings.
      > The dark holes grow very big and those of us who have been around
      know money
      > will be lost.
      > But what the heck there is always November for another parcel tax or
      > building bond measure.
      > If you all listened carefully at the last board meeting the state
      > for class size reduction (CSR)has started to dry up. After the
      > 2004-05 school year for CSR how much more parcel tax will this
      community be
      > willing to fork over to keep CSR and remember in 2005-06 schools
      will be
      > closing, how much money are you going to fork over to keep them open.
      > Remember the last straw, Lifetime Mediacal benefits which are going
      to raise
      > another 2 to 4 million dollars by 2005-06. So look forward to
      another $8
      > million dollar parcel tax this November or again next March or June
      or maybe
      > a surprise September vote.
      > The district did not tell you the whole truth on how bankrupt they
      truly are
      > but until they come up with the complete details of what they need
      to stay
      > afloat you can bet this nickel and dime taxing will continue and
      > tactics of scaring the kids and parents will continue. In the mean
      time give
      > up another latte a day and start putting that savings in the piggy
      bank for
      > the next parcel tax.
      > Kevin
      > >From: Marsha Williamson <mswilliamson@l...>
      > >Reply-To: wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com
      > >To: wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com
      > >Subject: Re: [wccusdtalk] Thank you from a Grateful Parent, but the
      > >isn't over
      > >Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 11:06:46 -0700
      > >
      > >To all concerned about the reallocation of donations to various
      > >post-Meas J funds:
      > >There was a list of donors and designated receiving schools (in the
      > >event of Meas B passage) in the board packet for the first June School
      > >Board Meeting. This may not be a complete list, but it would be a
      > >starting place to make sure the money from these donations gets
      > >reallocated to the sites and is under local control of principals, site
      > >councils and parent/community organizations at these sites. It is
      > >especially important to make sure this accounting transfer takes place
      > >before the end of the fiscal year. Money tends to be swallowed up in
      > >black holes when summers pass.
      > >Marsha Williamson
      > >
      > >Hallie Friedman wrote:
      > >
      > > > Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to pass both B & D. Not
      > > > only did they pass, but the voter turnout for this first time mail
      > > > in ballot was almost the same as the turn out for the last election.
      > > > I am also very aware how difficult a vote this was for those who
      > > > feel strongly that the school board and administration have
      > > > squandered our resources in the past.I especially thank them for
      > > > putting their aside their anger at the Board to vote Yes and support
      > > > the children. I hope that the Board and Administration recognize
      > > > that the passage of this vote is not a vote of confidence in their
      > > > abilities, but a vote in support of the needs of our children. The
      > > > Board and Administration have a long way to go to instill confidence
      > > > and they can do that by proper accountability and administration of
      > > > the Measure B funds, along with providing a full accounting for the
      > > > monies that were raised from families, foundations, individuals to
      > > > support the programs after the defeat of J. I do hope that the Board
      > > > follows through and the monies designated for individual schools
      > > > does in fact finds its way there and that the undesignated funds are
      > > > equitably distributed. I know I will be asking for a full accounting
      > > > and if I do not get it, I will ask that my contribution be returned
      > > > so that I may personally give it to the school of my choice. Thank
      > > > you all again, Hallie Friedman
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