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Re: Karen Fenton and Parcel Tax

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  • morganlove2003
    Mary...I m sorry I missed your speech last Monday. You bring up some very good points I wasn t aware of. Also, be forewarned that even though verbiage is
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 11, 2003
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      Mary...I'm sorry I missed your speech last Monday. You bring up some
      very good points I wasn't aware of. Also, be forewarned that even
      though verbiage is written into the parcel tax, I wouldn't trust this
      Board to not skim monies away to other projects. Some other people
      may have evidence that they have done so with Bond monies...
      --- In wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com, Mary Timar <jamarab@y...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Prior to placing a parcel tax on the ballot in Spring, the board
      needs to be coerced into removing the Measure M bond from the
      November Ballot. It is highly unlikely that the public will vote for
      Measure M (to repair/build schools) then turn around and vote again
      for a parcel tax.
      > When a parcel tax is written, it is imperative that the wording
      state it can only be used for CSR and Counselorsor and or music,
      etc. It must then be further restictive in it's language.
      > Karen Fenton voted no for Measure M on the November ballots at the
      5/31 meeting. I agree with her but there is no way I trust her. I
      would write to the board as opposed to just any one of them.
      > Recall, this board knew perfectly well, last february that we were
      in trouble yet they never even suggested let alone tried for a
      November parcel tax. Other districts did. For a parcel tax to be on
      this november ballot it would have to be submitted last february. It
      just gives an indication as to where their thinking lies.
      > I did not speak until very late last night but my point was that if
      they put the measure M bond prior to parcel tax I will spend the
      summer going door to door campaigning against it. And I will. This is
      sad for a necessary school revitalization. I would rather the
      children be taught with no roof then crowded into 31 a class WITH
      OCR. Further down the hall will be nice newly renovated classes but
      empty. Remember that all elementary schools are being built to
      accomodate 20 a class; same population. Measure M can wait until
      Nov. 2004. The board should be out now publically making every
      component of the community aware of the budget's effect on the
      children in schools. As it is enough people at the meeting are
      screaming for a parcel tax it is bound to pass with some good
      > Now, neither are bound to pass. What we need is city councils,
      business officals and or realtors behind us or at least aware of the
      schools crisis. As someone said last night that this is far worse to
      the community at large than when the district was bankrupt.
      > Mary Timar
      > (Parent of three children attending Madera)
      > Aukena@a... wrote:
      > Richard,
      > Thanks for clarification and for your idea at the end. I heartily
      > All of us should carefully consider contacting Ms. Fenton.
      > Amy
      > > Morganlove2003:
      > >
      > > I know someone on another school board, and he said that the
      > > from parcel taxes must be specified when voted upon. If we say
      it must go
      > > for x, and it passes; the board is required to spend it
      accordingly. There
      > > is no descretion, especially if it is tightly written.
      > >
      > > I am not fond ofthe way Karen Fenton conducts herself either to
      put it
      > > lightly, but I wasn't too sure about the etiquette of this
      > > Nevertheless, I will still contact her, even if it is just so she
      can't say
      > > next week that no one is serious about the parcel tax. And I
      > > encourgate other to send her an email.
      > >
      > > Richard
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