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Re: [wccusdtalk] A plug for ECHS

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    --Marsha: Thanks for sending out Jill s e-mail. It is sad but true, that today s parents must be involved in the education of their children. Parents can not
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 26, 2003
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      Thanks for sending out Jill's e-mail. It is sad but true, that today's
      parents must be involved in the education of their children. Parents can not
      just pay tax and think that the administrators and educators will do the
      right things for their children, as our parents thought when they sent us of
      to school. Parent must be in involved in their schools as well as their day
      to day jobs to support their children. Parents must also remember that they
      have rights and even if the school is not parent friendly, they must work to
      remove the many obstacle that does not permit their involvement. I understand
      the burdens parents must face today (both parents working)in order to pay
      their rent or mortgage, but if they wish success for their children in
      school, it is another job that must be done. We must remember, there are
      things we can change and others we can't. All we can do is try to hold those
      in public or private education accountable to needs of our students.

      Scottie Smith

      > I'm sharing this with you all, because I think this ECHS parent really
      > makes a lot of sense. I really felt proud reading this letter that was
      > posted to Berkeley Parent's Network regarding the issue of which to
      > choose--public or private schools for our kids. I couldn't have said it
      > better!
      > Thanks Jill, whoever you are.
      > Marsha Williamson
      > RE: Public HS vs Private HS
      > -------------------------------------------
      > Education starts at home.
      > I�m a single parent of a 9th grader at El Cerrito HS. My
      > daughter has a Math LD and has always been in the public
      > school system, which has handled her alternative learning
      > needs very well. She's a straight A student. Academically
      > perhaps, private schools may better benefit her, but she is
      > very active in sports, an arena in which I don't think the
      > private schools can compete very well.
      > However I am the product of private education and from that
      > experience I voice my concerns on Public V Private. I am
      > also familiar with the Berkeley area schools via my nephews
      > enrolled in a Berkeley private school. At the crux of your
      > concern is the social environment. In my experience at
      > private school I found just as much social disregard for
      > rules/elders/social morals. In fact I think there was more
      > sex and drugs going on at my private school of 8th, 9th,
      > and 10th grade than in the public school I finally
      > graduated from. Reasons for this perception can be anything
      > from socio-economic background (access to $$), school
      > population, to parents who aren�t as involved with their
      > kids and leave the private school to be the surrogate. But
      > what it comes down to in my most humble and experienced
      > opinion is social and moral education starts at home and
      > needs to be continually reinforced. If you are interested
      > and active in your child�s social life, the margin for
      > falling to the fray is considerably smaller.
      > My child has been exposed to all sorts of
      > drugs/sex/violence/etc at ECHS. Sure it frightens me but I
      > know I cannot place my child in a bubble and protect her
      > forever. She is a good kid because I am there for her,
      > always honest with her, continually reinforce right and
      > wrong, and because I support her ability to make the right
      > decision on her own. Ask your child where she would be most
      > comfortable as far as schools go, allow her to be part of
      > the decision. I believe the more we enable our children to
      > be in control of their lives, the more likely success will
      > be the outcome for their future.
      > Yes things have changed socially from when we went to
      > school. Kids swear more, drugs/sex/violence more prevalent.
      > Our country is on a moral downslide. For many of us, our
      > moms stayed at home while we went to school, now both work.
      > Most likely it will not matter from a social perspective if
      > you send your child to a public or private school, in the
      > end, our children make their own choices when we are not
      > there to guide them.
      > If you are concerned about the conditions of your
      > daughter�s school, get involved, file a complaint, and let
      > your daughter know it�s okay for her to voice her opinion
      > to school officials too! Many public school systems fail
      > because we simply turn away, we don�t care to be bothered
      > by something we feel should be handled by others. Fact is,
      > no matter where your child attends school we need to be
      > vigilant of the conditions in which they thrive. Perhaps if
      > we all paid better attention to the public schools, private
      > schools would still be a thing of the social elite.
      > Education starts at home.
      > Jill
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