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Re: [wccusdtalk] Public Notice of Parcel Tax Meetings

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  • Tammera Campbell
    Melissa, I do have to chime in. I was present at the November 3rd meeting and issues were discussed, but not specific details of parcel tax. These were
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 25, 2003
      I do have to chime in. I was present at the November 3rd meeting and issues were discussed, but not specific details of parcel tax. These were brainstorming meetings such as the ones held every Saturday morning for the last few weeks. What I believe Kevin was referring to regarding notification of the meeting, was not the meetings held at the high schools, but the official school board meeting where the exact language of the parcel tax would be presented, discussed and voted upon. Notification of this Monday night's meeting did not go out until recently. This process has been hurried because they need to file the papers to get it on the ballot. I do believe that the school board has reached out to the public during the planning phase, but now we are looking at the exact wording. I am still chewing on this parcel tax and would like the authors to comment on some of Kevin's concerns.

      mbettablues <mnm770@...> wrote:
      To All,

      There have been several messages in the past few days about
      inadequate public notice of the school district's parcel tax
      meetings. I hesitate to put myself in the line of fire, but I think
      it is somewhat disingenuous for members of our group to claim that
      there was "no preview for the public to a multi-million dollar open
      ended school parcel tax for March 2004" and "The public will have
      only limited response time to a tax measure that will go before them
      in March...".

      In fact, WCCUSD scheduled three community meetings and sent notices
      to parents in both English and Spanish. I received my notice around
      mid-October and the meetings were on Oct. 21 at El Cerrito High, Oct.
      27 at Richmond High, and Nov. 3 at Pinole Valley High. School board
      members also went to several PTA meetings to present parcel tax
      options and George Harris attended the last West County Parents
      meeting on Nov. 16.

      Personally, I was only able to attend the Nov. 16 meeting and I
      appreciate the presentation Mr. Harris gave. I know some members of
      our group were there and Harris clearly stated that the next two
      important dates were the regular school board meeting on Nov. 19 and
      a special session on Nov. 24.

      The parcel tax information is also prominently displayed on the
      district's website at http://www.wccusd.k12.ca.us/ and important
      deadlines are listed on the final page of that section.

      As Portola Middle School's Email Coordinator, I receive the agenda
      for all school board meetings (including special sessions) via emails
      from Wendy Berggren in the superintendent's office. I received notice
      of the special session on Nov. 20th -- four days before the meeting
      in question. I'll check with Ms. Berggren about this, but I believe
      any parent can be put on the email list and receive these agendas.

      While I agree that the school district needs to work harder to
      communicate with parents, it's unfair to make an inaccurate claim
      that there has been no chance for public input. The exact language of
      the parcel tax is being decided now. We all have a stake in this and
      should contact the district and weigh in with our suggestions.

      To contact the school board send email to:
      Patricia Player playeredu@... President;
      Charles Ramsey cramsey@... Clerk;
      Karen Fenton kfenton@... Member;
      Glen Price glen@... Member;
      George Harris III gah_iii@... Member.

      You can also call Superintendent Gloria Johnston at 620-2205 or
      information officer Paul Ehara at 234-3825 ext. 2245 to get parcel
      tax information or to make suggestions.

      Finally, here's a repeat of information sent out by Charley Cowens of
      the Bayside PTA (thanks, Charley):

      WCCUSD School Board
      Special Meeting
      Dec. 1st, 7 PM

      Lavonya DeJean Middle School
      Multi-Purpose Room
      3400 Macdonald Avenue
      Richmond, CA 94805

      A parcel tax resolution was introduced at the special meeting on Nov.
      24th. The agenda item for a parcel tax was converted to a discussion
      item for the 11/24 meeting. This new special meeting was called to
      finally act on a parcel tax resolution after more community input.

      School Board members and email addresses are at:

      The text of the initial resolution submitted on Nov. 24th, 2003, is
      available at:

      Melissa McMillion

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