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Follow up to Redistricting Meeting

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  • Kevin Rivard
    Great retort Marsha. I agree if this meeting was meant to be parent friendly it would not be at 9am on a weekday. But, after awhile those of us that have been
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21 10:14 AM
      Great retort Marsha. I agree if this meeting was meant to be parent friendly
      it would not be at 9am on a weekday. But, after awhile those of us that have
      been around say hey, if the parents don't mind being (fill in the blank) on
      this is what they get. I am to the point where I am waiting for some other
      parents to step up to the plate and say no more disrespect but apparently
      most parents love that type of behavior from this district. You know, kind
      of like an abused husband or wife, who stays in the situation and says they
      are doing it for the kids, when in reality you take kids out of the equation
      and they would still be there. Same thing here take the kids out of the
      equation and they would still be there at 9 am. Anyway, so much for my
      therapy session.

      There are some of us who, believe it or not, are somewhat skeptical of this
      district. I know it is hard to believe but there are a few and if you have
      not figured it out I am one. So those of us who are in that ilk have asked
      why is the District reopening the redistricting on such a large scale again
      when there are only a few immediate problems that could be taken care of
      with a little tweaking of the boundaries? Why are they doing the
      redistricting when they have no Facilities Master Plan to go by and they
      still don't even know which schools will be able to be rebuilt or rehabbed
      thus knowing the load capacity of the schools or the areas. That is not the
      charge of the redistricting committee. First the Facilities Master Plan has
      to be in place so the redistricting committee can know what the district has
      in mind for future sites and load capacities.

      The public was also told at board meetings that time was of the essence for
      February transfers and for teachers to know by next March where there would
      be openings. Now at Thursdays redistricting meeting it was said that the new
      boundaries need not be implemented until 2005-06 so we should take the time
      to do this redistricting correctly.

      So I am looking over my notes from the meeting and I am slipping into my
      cynical mode and wondering what is going on here. What is the real agenda
      behind this process. Those of us that have been through this before know
      that once the board vote is taken and the plan is set in sandstone (the
      easiest to destroy and start over) we can use our hindsight and see what the
      real reasons were. Well, using that history and two key references from the
      meeting I believe I have at least one component of what is wanted from the
      board and administration. Vince Kilmartin stated during the power point
      presentation that there were school boundaries that had less than 200
      neighborhood students going to their neighborhood school, the other students
      were from outside the neighborhood. The power point was able to show all the
      neighborhood schools that had low neighborhood populations with great
      accuracy. George Harris came in late and missed that part of Vince's talk.
      However, when another slide of the presentation came up with similar
      demographics George was quick to point out almost to the word the same
      conclusions that Vince raised. Both Vince and George mentioned the words,
      School Closure, at different times and in different parts of the
      presentation but almost with the exact verbiage as if this discussion had
      occurred before. Now this is not to say perhaps school closure should not be
      an option but if this was to be the charge of this committee why not have
      brought it out at the board meetings in the open rather than at a meeting
      with five selected parents in a 9am meeting where there was to be no media
      or lookie lous like me. Also, it was brought up by George that Modesto has a
      like population in student numbers as our district yet they have something
      like 14 less schools. I bring this up because it appears to me that staff
      and board have had some discussion prior to bringing parents into the
      discussion as to what the board and administration want out of this
      committee and I wanted you to be aware of this as I truly doubt this would
      have been brought to light without my presence there. Also, by subtly
      dropping this issue into the minds of the parents at the meeting the seed
      has been planted and I think it is about to sprout so just be aware.


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      >Subject: Re: Redistricting Meeting
      >Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 01:41:50 EST
      >Kevin and All,
      >Great review of what happened at the redistricting meeting today, but it
      >my understanding that the board directed Mr. Kilmartin and Ms.Kosel to put
      >whole process on hold at last night's board meeting. The board did not
      >approve the redistricting committee timeline presented at last night's
      >meeting. In
      >my opinion, based on what I heard last night at the School Board meeting,
      >today's redistricting should have been canceled. Additionally, if the
      >purpose of
      >this committee is ultimately to involve the community in the redistricting
      >process, then the meeting time and place should not be at the convenience
      >district employees and consultants. Rather meetings should be held at a
      >outside of standard working hours, at the very least, no earlier than 5PM.
      >Marsha Williamson

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