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Re: [wccusdtalk] Re: Ltr. to WCCUSD, Dr. Johnston, Dr. Stewart re Elimination...

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  • Aukena@aol.com
    Francie, Thanks for your thoughtful and heartbroken email. I couldn t agree with you more. I was actually asking about the specifics about the children you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2003
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      Thanks for your thoughtful and heartbroken email. I couldn't agree with you
      more. I was actually asking about the specifics about the children you were
      talking about so I could ask my child if she had known them or the family.

      We are all working as hard as we know how to turn things around in our
      district. I know that at our last ECHS PTSA meeting last night, the parents were
      desperately trying to think of ways to fund our counselors out of our own
      pockets. The principal, Vince Rhea, was there as always and he was right along with
      us. It is up to us all to do what we can to get this district to pay
      attention to the neglect of our children, neglect that our children recognize for
      what it is - selfish disregard for the best interests of our most precious

      Many schools are losing. Many middle and low-income schools are losing. We
      are losing our hearts. But not if we keep fighting to stop the flow of money
      upward and bring it back to the children, the teachers, and the campuses.

      Thank you for caring so much. None of us can do this alone. Thank God for
      this newsgroup.
      Parent of ECHS student

      > Amy,
      > The reality is that our children are being murdered on the street. The
      > West County Times and Oakland Tribune cover the incidents when they
      > happen. Keith Maki, a high school freshman who graduated from Adams,
      > was the 110th homocide in Oakland last December.
      > When we hear about a child being shot on the evening news, the first
      > reaction is "please Lord, don't let it be one of ours." The reality is
      > that our kids deal with death and dying every single day.
      > For many, school becomes a sanctuary. That's why the secondary folks
      > are so upset about losing 50% of our site supervisors and our
      > counselors. We have many students who are eligible to attend college
      > and would receive grants to pay their way. The process of applying is
      > complicated (much more so than "back in the day" when we did it). How
      > is a kid whose parents never attended college going to figure it all
      > out? If you are a bright student with savvy parents, what clerks are
      > going to be left in the schools to send your paperwork off to UC
      > Berkeley in a timely fashion?
      > The parents keep telling the district to make the cuts away from the
      > classroom so that's what's happening. No clerks to handle your
      > paperwork for transfers to other district schools or for colleges. No
      > counselors to help poor families get the services they need. No
      > libraries open in most of our elementary schools (Kensington &Madera
      > will find a way to keep their libraries going strong; Peres &Verde
      > will continue to use Title I funding for their libraries. Losers are
      > the El Sobrante and Pinole schools).
      > Francie

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