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Re: PTSA guidance/suggestions

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  • Todd Groves
    The ECHS community (PTSA, faculty and SSC) together started our WriterCoach Connection program http://www.writercoachconnection.org/ with both site and
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      The ECHS community (PTSA, faculty and SSC) together started our WriterCoach Connection program http://www.writercoachconnection.org/ with both site and community funds. We started last year and now have grown to serve all 9th grade and upper level English learning students. Over 100 folks are volunteering to work one-to-one with our kids. The community is also coordinating teachers access to needed resources through donations. What are the biggest needs in your school?

      Use PTSA to find programming supportive of student development, either through exposure to professions and careers, or for families to support learning at home. Many community organizations will gladly come to discuss services they provide.

      PTSA's in each high school should offer countdown-to-college workshops in cooperation with their counseling departments, as to prepare families from grade 9 through 12. Find a local college consultant to present.

      Improved parent engagement at high school is of great benefit to all students.

      Todd Groves

      --- In wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com, Matthew and Joey Sundberg <jms0204@...> wrote:
      > I'm looking for some guidance for DeAnza's PTSA. We were wondering in what
      > capacity other PTSA's operate at the high school level. In elementary, everyone
      > wants to help in some capacity. There is no music, art, or computer so funds
      > can be funneled in those directions and to so many other things. In high
      > school, it's very different. The DA PTSA does fund raising and we're looking
      > for ways to enhance the educational experience of the majority as opposed to the
      > few. Right now, each teacher receives a "goody bag" of school supplies at the
      > beginning of the year and, in the past, they've given scholarships to 2-3
      > graduating students (I think they're giving up on that idea). The PTSA supplies
      > coffee/baked goods to the awards ceremony every quarter (for students that make
      > honor roll or presidents list). But then what?
      > We currently have no teacher on the PTSA (we're working on that) and no student
      > representation (working on that too) - we feel having those representatives
      > might help guide some of our decision-making when it comes to distribution of
      > funds, but in the mean time... How do you get more buy-in from the parents and
      > even the students (at high school level they have a voice...) We feel if we had
      > a message - the PTSA is raising funds for ____ - then more parents might feel
      > the need to participate. Even to just get them to show up to hear what's going
      > on...
      > What do other high schools do? DeAnza is getting some of its community back (no
      > more leakage to Orinda) and there are people willing to come in and do the work,
      > but we need more "vision" I guess.
      > Thanks, just looking for some input.
      > Joey
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