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Les Miserables (School Edition) at ECHS - please forward to your email lists.

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  • c slamon
    Thanks for your help in spreading the word about Les Miserables (School Edition) being presented by Stage Door Conservatory at the Performing Arts Center, El
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2011
      Thanks for your help in spreading the word about Les Miserables (School
      Edition) being presented by Stage Door Conservatory at the Performing Arts
      Center, El Cerrito High School

      Please post in your weekend calendar for the weekend of August 13 or 14 or
      in entertainnment, theater, arts or family features the week of August 8





      *August 11 - 14, 2011*

      *Performing Arts Center, El Cerrito High School *



      *Press Photos Attached*


      A cast of 32 talented young actors, ranging in age from 13 � 18, will be
      performing in an exceptional production of *LES MISEREABLES (School Edition)
      * produced and presented by *STAGE DOOR CONSERVATORY.* Our production will
      be held at the *Performing Arts Center at El Cerrito High School *at *540
      Ashbury Avenue in El Cerrito* for five consecutive shows on *AUGUST 11, 12,
      13 and 14. *For more information, please call us at 510-521-6250 or email us
      at stagedoorconservatory@...<http://us.mc1145.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=stagedoorconservatory@...>.

      *ABOUT OUR PRODUCTION OF Les Miserables (School Edition)*

      In the twenty-five years since the musical powerhouse *Les
      Mis�rables*debuted on Broadway. Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel
      Sch�nberg's adaptation
      of Victor Hugo's epic novel about the French Revolution has it all�
      captivating music that instantly clutches at your heart, an engrossing story
      steeped in suspense and romance, and a fascinating array of characters that
      engage us in their story.

      Even those with only a passing interest in musical theater are familiar with
      *Les Miz*, as it is affectionately known by its devotees, will recognize the
      enigmatic logo of the young French girl and her desperate, hopeful eyes that
      has become the signature motif of this beloved musical.

      As we deliberated what play to choose this year for our teen actors, we
      decided to join other theater companies throughout the world in presenting
      this epic play as part of our summer 2011 season.

      Although this story has been recently produced in our own community, we
      thought what better way to introduce or continue to expose our young STAGE
      DOOR CONSERVATORY actors to the magic of musical theater than through this
      evocative theatrical story with its sweeping story and wonderful, evocative

      For the uninitiated, *Les Miserable *centers on Jean Valjean, a Frenchman
      who is sent to prison for stealing a piece of bread to save his sister's son
      from starvation. After serving 20 years in prison, he escapes and begins a
      new life, becoming a savior to the poor and an arbiter of justice. He
      befriends Fantine, a dying prostitute, and rescues her daughter Cosette to
      raise as his own. But he cannot elude his past, as Javert, the diabolical
      police officer obsessed with capturing him, finally finds and re-imprisons

      The story is also propelled by a love triangle between Cosette, the young
      student Marius and Eponine, who grew up in the same poor household with
      Cosette, but was left behind to endure it on her own.

      Ultimately, these stories are threaded together and then detonated in the
      midst of a student uprising, led by the charismatic Enjolras, which presaged
      the French Revolution.

      Directed by popular musical director Simon Kaplan and choreographed by Katie
      Kimball, with musical direction by the astute Susan Sonnemaker, our
      production will bring together the compelling drama, threadbare costumes and
      rickety barricades that are demanded of any production of *Les Miserables.*

      *Conductor Marty Stoddard *and the *Oakland Civic Orchestra* will help give
      the stirring music that is at the heart of this musical its nuance and
      color, and help our young actors to bring the songs and score alive. For in
      *Les Miz*, the music is a centerpiece, defining characters quickly and
      crisply, from the menacing sneers of Javert to the husky laments of Fantine.

      If you would like to attend a moving musical theater production, please
      consider joining us at our four-day performances at the Performing Arts
      Center at El Cerrito High School.


      *SHOW DATES:* August 11 � 14 with evening (7:30 PM) performances on
      Thursday, Friday and Saturday and matinee (2:00 PM) performances on Saturday
      and Sunday.

      *PERFORMANCE VENUE: *540 Ashbury Avenue, El Cerrito at El Cerrito High
      School�s state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center**

      *TICKET COST: $*15 for youth (18 and younger) and seniors (65 and older) and
      $20 for adults for GENERAL SEATING and $35 for reserved seating. *A $5
      discount is being offered on child and youth tickets until August 9 for
      persons purchasing their tickets online at stagedoorconservatory.org.*

      *TRANSPORTATION: *If you are driving by car, please see our website for
      directions. Ample street parking is available. The Performing Arts Center is
      accessible via BART (a 10 � 15 minute walk) and East Bay Transit.

      *INFORMATION:* stagedoorconservatory@.../510-521-6250


      Jean Valjean *is played by* Max Epstein-Shafir
      Young Cosette *is played by* Amy Kelleher
      Fantine *is played by* Molly Isen
      Eponine *is played by* Shelby Stewart
      Javert *is played by* Haley Slamon
      Cosette *is played by* Sami Kuderna-Reeves
      Marius *is played by* Z Hansen
      Bamatabois (to be announced)
      M. Thenardier *is played by* Darius Lack
      Foreman *is played by* Darius Lack
      Mme. Thenardier *is played by* Simone Howard
      Gavroche *is played by* Ilana Goldberg
      Young Eponine *is played by* Julia Marostica
      Grantaire *is played by* Julia Marostica
      Enjolras *is played by* Alex Epstein-Shafir
      Girl 2 *is played by* Rebecca Landau
      Claquesous *is played by* Rebecca Landau
      Joli *is played by* Blue Kesler
      Judge *is played by* Blue Kesler
      Pimp *is played by* Blue Kesler
      Prouvaire *is played by* Marian Shethar
      Girl #1 *is played by* Marina Shethar
      Courfeyrac *is played by* Anna Barcellos
      Girl 3 *is played by* Adri Dullum
      Street Lady *is played by* Adriu Dullem
      Girl 4 *is played by* Hailey Dalhaus
      Girl 5 *is played by* Khumo Mendonca
      Street Lady *is played by* Khumo Mendonca
      Combferre *is played by* Khumo Mendonca
      Farmer *is played by* Julia Marostica
      Laborer *is played by* Ilana Goldberg
      Chain Gang *is played by* Jiselle Soss
      Chain Gang *is played by* Simone Howard
      Chain Gang *is played by* Amy Kelleher
      Chain Gang *is played by* Kathryn Ludlow
      Chain Gang *is played by* Marina Shethar
      Chain Gang *is played by* Nikita Tanielien
      Constable* is played by* Kiana Jardin
      Constable *is played by* Meykala Dalhaus
      Old Woman *is played by* Kiana Jardin
      Worker 1 *is played by* Chris Ber
      Worker 2 *is played by* Blue Kesler
      Woman *is played by* Hailey Dalhaus
      Street Lady *is played by* Rosie Shaw
      Street Lady *is played by* Kamaile Alnas-Benson
      Street Lady *is played by* Mekayla Dalhaus
      Street Lady *is played by* Simone Howard
      Street Lady *is played by* Adri Dullum
      Street Lady *is played by* Jiselle Soss
      Street Lady *is played by* Kathryn Ludlow
      Street Lady *is played by* Anna Barcellos
      Street Lady *is played by* Marina Shethar
      Street Lady *is played by* Nikita Tanielien
      Lovely Lady Customer *is played by* Amy Kelleher
      Lovely Lady Customer *is played by* Rebecca Landau
      Lovely Lady Customer *is played by* Julia Marostica
      Sailor *is played by* Chris Ber
      Sailor *is played by* Alex Epstein-Shafir
      Sailor *is played by* Hailey Dalhaus
      Bystander *is played by* Jiselle Soss
      Bystander *is played by* Anna Barcellos
      Onlookers *is played by* Rebecca Landau
      Onlookers *is played by* Ilana Goldberg
      Onlookers *is played by* Kathryn Ludlow
      Fauchelevant *is played by* Julia Marostica
      Serving Wench *is played by* Anna Barcellos
      Serving Wench *is played by* Kamaile Alnas-Benson
      Feuilly *is played by* Chris Ber
      Legles Serving Wench *is played by* Nikita Tanielien
      Extra Student *is played by* Molly Isen
      Extra Student *is played by* Kiana Jardin
      Beggar *is played by* Kathryn Ludlow
      Beggar *is played by* Hailey Dalhaus
      Begagr *is played by* Mekayla Dalhaus
      Montparnasse *is played by* Jiselle Soss
      Babet *is played by* Adri Dullum
      Brujon *is played by* Rosie Shaw
      Claquesous *is played by* Rebecca Landau
      Girl at the Front *is played by* Kamaile Alnas-Benson
      Girl at the Front *is played by* Jiselle Soss
      Girl at the Front *is played by* Anna Barcellos
      Girl at the Front *is played by* Kathryn Ludlow
      Girl at the Front *is played by* Amy Kelleher
      Girl at the Front *is played by*

      Army Officer *is played by* Darius Lack
      Woman *is played by* Kamaile Alnas-Benson
      Woman *is played by* Hailey Dalhaus
      Woman *is played by* Anna Barcellos
      Woman *is played by* Mekayla Dalhaus
      Woman *is played by* Simone Howard
      Woman *is played by* Adri Dullum
      Woman *is played by* Jiselle Soss
      Woman *is played by* Rosie Shaw
      Woman *is played by* Kathryn Ludlow
      Woman *is played by* Amy Kelleher
      Major Domo *is played by *Rebecca Landau


      Hailey Dalhaus
      Chris Ber
      Kamaile Alnas-Benson
      Jiselle Soss
      Mekayla Dalhaus
      Kathryn Ludlow
      Rosie Shaw
      Kiana Jardin

      Roman Mebrahtu
      Come see our TEENS ON STAGE production of *Les Miserables - School Edition* on
      *August 11 - 14* at the *El Cerrito Performing Arts Center in El Cerrito.
      540 Ashbury Avenue in El Cerrito*

      If you order tickets via PAY PAL (online through our web-site at
      stagedoorconservatory.org) for *LES MISERABLES (SCHOOL EDITION)*, please
      bring your PAYPAL receipt with you to our Box Office, which opens one hour
      prior to show times. *You will receive your tickets when you arrive.*

      *Tel: 510-521-6250*

      *More information: stagedoorconservatory.org*

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