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Communications With You Re: WCCUSD

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  • lori.berry@ey.com
    Mr. Stewart: I am quite concerned that of the many communications, questions, and requests of late for you to discuss your plans and decisions regarding our
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      Mr. Stewart:

      I am quite concerned that of the many communications, questions, and
      requests of late for you to discuss your plans and decisions regarding our
      school district, you continue to ask individuals to contact you personally
      rather that meet publicly. This leaves me wondering if you are reluctant
      to have information about your policies and directives officially out in
      the open.

      I have read the excellent communications to you from many people,
      including the one from Scottie Smith, detailing what your role was
      following the Marks problems, and how you were formerly more active and
      visible with our District and Board. Disappointingly, your response was,
      again, for her to call you. Can you explain--TO ALL OF
      US...OFFICIALLY--why you are so reclusive now? Why won't you just meet
      with us, either as a group or, even better, as an official public meeting
      with the Board--for all interested parties in the District to attend? Is
      there really a need for you to be so elusive? Do you think that there's
      nobody else out there questioning what's going on?

      It's very disappointing to know that the original intent of your
      involvement was to not only return our District to solvency, but also to
      improve the academic programs and opportunities for our children. Because
      it seems from what we've been hearing from the Board, and supposedly based
      your directions, the intent has shifted from what's best for our children
      to what's best for your bankers and fiscal consultants.

      As Tammi Campbell has stated to the Board, we are all ready to make
      sacrifices in further taxes to ensure that our children's educational
      needs are being met--which includes class size reduction (as the State
      supposedly wants to maintain within their budget), teachers in our
      classrooms and counselors to help our children and to mediate the growing
      violence on our campuses. But if your role is only to mandate
      approximately $14 million in cuts--where is your role in ensuring that
      these other programs for our children aren't touched? Where is your role
      in ensuring that fiscal measures are made rationally and with the least
      effect on our children? Why don't you question what specific financial
      decisions this board is making? Have you placed your total reliance on
      Ms. Johnston, and your trust in her judgment in effecting these budget
      cuts? Nobody seems to be listening to what we the voters and parents of
      these children are saying, or the excellent suggestions for spending cuts
      that many of us are making....

      Please don't respond asking me to call you...be up front and address
      yourself publicly so we can all get our questions answered. The Board is
      meeting tonight and their financial decisions will be final within the
      next couple of weeks. Please stop thinking as a politician and work for
      our children for a change.

      Lori Berry
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