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Students First Policy Agenda

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  • Todd Groves
    Students First has established a set an outline of a policy agenda
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2011
      Students First has established a set an outline of a policy agenda http://www.studentsfirst.org/policy-agenda/entry/studentsfirst-policy-agenda-executive-summary. Does it fit our needs?

      We need to try new ways of doing things. Our system fails to many students. We can advocate for more funding, but it won't come. We need to do more with what we have.

      We need leadership. Find the teachers who can compel their colleagues to work together and hire them as principals. Turn Bissell into an instrument for facilitating school community agendas, not imposing cookie cutter policy or programs.

      Hire executives who make things run well. Has anyone had the experience of calling an office three different times and getting three different answers to the same question? Or, a scheduled meeting canceled capriciously at the last minute? Or perhaps endless collaboration meetings where nothing is accomplished. We accept and excuse these dysfunctions by finding favorable comparisons. "We are no worse than any other urban district," goes the retort.

      The first step in fixing this district is to build a high performing administration. Stop excusing poor performance, it hurts kids.

      Todd Groves
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