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Corrections to Margaret's post

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  • Todd Groves
    It s up to the moderator to determine the appropriateness of the post. I m going to follow Chris Slamon s lead. If it s OK to trash a candidate, then it s OK
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26 12:12 PM
      It's up to the moderator to determine the appropriateness of the post.

      I'm going to follow Chris Slamon's lead. If it's OK to trash a candidate, then it's OK to debunk BS about one. Margaret Browne's post about Jason Freeman doesn't reflect the candidate's real positions, of which I've become well acquainted. We shouldn't use this list to propagate rumor, so I'm going to address the allegations one by one.

      I don't know how Jason's stated agenda of empowering teachers and school leaders can be construed as either anti-teacher or privatization. Allowing more flexibility at the site level would seem to give teachers more freedom to meet their students' needs. You can debate its merits or attainability, but not the fact this is his outspoken agenda.

      If he is a stealth candidate with a hidden agenda, what sinister plot is he unleashing on WCCUSD? Low performing schools and a fleeing student base? Too late, we already have those. Perhaps a Wal-Mart on every campus?

      As for "all about privatization," he states over and over that he doesn't support it. He has said that WCCUSD doesn't need charters to improve our schools. He rejects charters as a broad solution at every instance the subject arises, so again he is being mischaracterized. The candidate forums are online. Watch them yourself and listen to his answer to the charter questions.

      In his early 20's, he did help start a charter school to serve very poor children in south Texas (This is laudable. What I did in my early 20's, I couldn't post here). The school transformed the lives of many students, and is now ranked in #13 in US News list of top high schools nationwide. We wouldn't want this happening in WCCUSD, would we?

      Regarding the Race to the Top, the poster "assumes" the worst possible interpretation of Jason's actions. The data systems section had only the goal of improving California's data systems, not linking it to teacher pay, but instead changing our reliance on simplistic tests as our only measure of student success. We often complain about the incompleteness if not uselessness of our current data sets. Do we keep the ones we have, or try to improve them?

      If you want to see his nefarious plot, read it yourself, http://www.caracetothetop.org . Jason did the grantwriting for Section D and the STEM section. The priorities in this proposal were created by the seven school districts that led the proposal. WCCUSD signed on late and was not involved in setting priorities for the state.

      My last post stands corrected. Jason did answer a question about merit pay at the El Cerrito Democratic Club, in which he said we have no accurate way to assess teachers for that purpose. This is the similar to the position of the American Federation of Teachers.

      Much of the mischaracterizations of Jason were posted as "Candidate Statements" in the UTR website, which the candidates DID NOT WRITE. UTR wrote those statements, emphasizing whatever they wanted to portray about each candidate. To be either fair or accurate, it should be stated as such.

      We have enough substantial issues in this race to avoid plastering the candidates with falsehoods. You can take them at their word or not, but you shouldn't invent positions for them. We should be using this forum to fully investigate issues and candidates, not spread bunk.

      Todd Groves
      Treasurer, Freeman for School Board 2010, and this time it's pertinent.

      Contact Jason yourself if you want to know where he stands, www.jasonfreeman.org. The same goes for the other candidates; and they are http://www.cowens.net/campaign/index.php http://charlesramsey.net/ http://madelinekronenberg.net/index.html http://www.audreymiles.webs.com I can't find a website for Elaine Merriweather. Please post it if you have it. These are all well-intended people, agree with them or not.
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