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Re: [wccusdtalk] Setting the Record Straight

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  • c slamon
    Fred, Thank you so much for your kind words. If you have to leave California and move to Texas; Austin is the place to be. When my husband & I traveled this
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      Thank you so much for your kind words. If you have to leave California and
      move to Texas; Austin is the place to be. When my husband & I traveled this
      country trying to decide where we wanted to settle, Austin was high on our
      list of places that we just loved. We happened to pass through in August
      though and it was just too hot. That's how we ended up in San Francisco.

      I have forwarded your message to Charles and Madeline. I can't imagine that
      they would decline a chance to have the University of Texas participate in
      the college fairs that are hosted by our high schools each year. Also, if
      you want to attract some our best and brightest students to Texas, then an
      offer of a scholarship or financial assistance is always a welcome gesture.
      I am always glad to see the positive effects that the Ivy League Connection
      has had and how the word of it's existence has branched out to other
      institutions of higher learning. Thank you so much for contacting me. Go


      On Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 11:02 PM, fred-yahoo <fred94804@...> wrote:

      > Hello Christina
      > This is Fred Levinson writing to you from the Lone star state of Texas. I
      > left california in april of this year
      > and moved to Austin Texas. You have been talking about the Ivy league
      > connection and ALL the east coast
      > schools. There is the largest university in the USA right here in Austin.
      > The President Obama recently came here for a speech at the Texas Longhorns
      > campus of UT (the University of Texas). I would like to see UT
      > included in the IVL and I could help charles get it done .What do you think
      > of the idea. The reason I am writing to you is because you are the only
      > postive person on this forum. Everything you have said about charles is true
      > and you always have the best ideas.
      > Fred
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      > From: c slamon
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      > Sent: Saturday, August 28, 2010 5:26 PM
      > Subject: [wccusdtalk] Setting the Record Straight
      > Well, since its fair game to denigrate Charles Ramsey, I am going to state
      > my opinion about why I am compelled to support him. I am not working on
      > anyone's campaign and I have never worked on Charles' school board
      > campaigns; although I have worked with him and For the Children of West
      > County on several bond and parcel tax measures as campaign manager. I have
      > known Charles Ramsey for 6 years and I admire and respect the work that he
      > has done for our school district.
      > I also was Madeline Kronenberg's campaign manager 4 years ago when she was
      > elected to the school board and I helped Robert Studdiford in his
      > unsuccessful campaign two years ago. I did work on the recent bond measure
      > (Measure D) doing some catering for the phone bank volunteers and I hope to
      > work on the current parcel tax (Measure M) in the same capacity.
      > I have retired from being a campaign manager because it is a thankless job
      > and too stressful for me. Being a public servant is even more thankless and
      > when people are attacked personally, it lets others know who may be
      > considering a run for public office, that this is what they can be in for
      > if
      > they choose to run. This can have a very serious, discouraging and limiting
      > effect on the candidates that we get. In every campaign that I have ever
      > worked on, it was always based on our strengths, what we are bringing to
      > the
      > table and a positive message; not on attacking others. In my family we have
      > a saying, 'be careful of the crap you sling, because you never know when it
      > may bounce back on you!" (Only we don't use the word crap).
      > I support Charles Ramsey because he is the hardest working person in our
      > school district. After years of sitting through board meetings and seeing
      > who is actually working for the students in our district, who is trying to
      > hold people accountable for the top dollars that they are being paid, the
      > one who is paying attention to all of the multitude of details, (instead of
      > emailing/texting and coming to meetings unprepared and late); he is the one
      > who has worked tirelessly to put our school district on an improving path.
      > Charles is the man I will be voting for and I totally support his candidacy
      > even with all of his faults and past mistakes. When I first met Charles, I
      > too was taken aback by his determined, passionate nature. Some people see
      > that as intimidating, bullying and rude. What some see as determination
      > others see as aggressive and intimidating. I respect Charles' determination
      > and perseverance, our school district and our students are all the better
      > for it. The Ivy League Connection has seen several of its past
      > participants,
      > who are poor, get into UPENN, Northwestern, Dartmouth, Brown, Yale and
      > Santa
      > Clara University. I challenge anyone to say that the students from Richmond
      > High School, Kennedy High School and Pinole Valley High School have not
      > benefitted from the program. Teachers and counselors have been chaperones
      > for the students; Charles Ramsey has never served as chaperone for the
      > students and he has never been paid as part of the Ivy League Connection.
      > As a matter of fact, he has created opportunities where college admission
      > officers have hosted at El Cerrito and Pinole Valley High Schools.
      > Stanford, Princeton, Dartmouth and Columbia have all held their BAY AREA
      > informational sessions at El Cerrito High School. This has not only
      > benefited students from our school district (and not just the Ivy League
      > Connection students but ALL students), as well as students from surrounding
      > school districts and includes students from the most prestigious private
      > schools.
      > We now have some of the best facilities and our improving programs are
      > providing more opportunities than ever before. Many of our old dilapidated
      > schools have now been rebuilt and renovated. Our current parcel tax is
      > supporting some of the core programs that are being cut in other districts;
      > we did not cut instructional minutes for our students like many districts
      > did; and we are not going back into bankruptcy as some board members would
      > have had us do if we had not capped the employee health and retirement
      > benefits that is now an unfunded liability of $600,000,000 dollars.
      > I value Charles' longevity on the board; he has a great memory of past
      > mistakes and ideas that have already been tried, as well as a very
      > analytical mind to explore many possible solutions to problems. He is a
      > very determined man but also one who is willing to look at a situation and
      > change his mind if you can convince him that a change is needed. I have
      > seen this many times for myself and I respect Charles for his hard work,
      > dedication and determination to help every student in this district. Be the
      > last one to cast a nasty stone. Charles Ramsey has an outstanding record of
      > service and I would challenge anyone to match it. Charles is a kind and
      > generous man but when he is doing his job, he's tough as nails. I will be
      > voting for Charles Ramsey and I hope you join me!
      > Christina Slamon
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