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  • Norma J F Harrison
    As I remember, Freire is about remediation.  It s good to look at the place of schooling; it s really remediation, even the more advanced studies - are in
    Message 1 of 24 , Apr 1, 2010
      As I remember, Freire is about remediation.  It's good to look at the place of schooling; it's really remediation, even the more 'advanced' studies - are in line with perpetuating the status quo, holding the line, maintaining the rule that exists.
      I've made some suggestions of good sources to help identify what's wrong with school. I can restate them...
      I'm trying hard to find how to elicit behavior that supports our alienated or otherwise suffering school people - students, teachers, staff...   What I've said we need to do is to educe and affirm people's discomfort - to bring out that school is an experience opposite what people sense or know we want and need to do in order to know, to teach, to learn, to be together.
      Once we can describe that discomfort we can begin to build ways to do otherwise.  None of those proposals can reinstate what we already do;  what we already do is what's wrong.
      So if people just say we need age integrated living, we need work that serves our needs including our pleasures, so that people do work together that makes sense, that's the beginning.  The students who are not doing the work in school successfully need to be told they're right.  Teachers who are not stellar at the job also need to be told they are not the problem.
      It is through the work that's relevant to the community that everyone would learn and teach, study.  As you likely know, a large percentage of the jobs done today are only about profit for the Owners, not about care by/for us all.
      To describe any possible ways to move out of the present program we have first to declare our dissatisfaction - to describe it, maybe to read - some of the works I've mentioned , for instance.
      Every time people held up as doing it right, as models,  pronounce in favor of the rest of us being obliged to do as asked by schooling, our efforts to find ways that can work for us are controverted. 
      It's quite difficult to say what's wrong; just as hard is to refrain from posing reform as the solutions. 
      There is no overnight way.

      From: Roger rogerf85@... To: wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wed, March 31, 2010 6:20:34 PM Subject: [wccusdtalk] Re: kids' interest

      Norma, Freire is one of my favorites.  Especially the references to "unlearning" to Learn.
      If you have a reference link/s, please post it/them.

      In the meantime, talking about day-today, which I understand is what this forum addresses, what are you suggesting be done right now, within the immediate few days?


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