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What can we do about it?

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    Please read the following arcticle
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2010
      Please read the following arcticle


      Do we have a master list of programs working on this issue? What role do we play in the schools?

      We have an opportunity to apply for a federal grant to address the issue. It's due Feb 23.

      Potential project

      Hire a few coordinators in a given region that ensure access and follow through to existing social services and community programs. The project goal will be to create a failsafe system for troubled kids. Far too often, expelling or transferring has been the readily accessible tool for principals. Families with troubled kids can't or won't access available services, or are waitlisted in times of crisis. Can we provide pre-crisis counseling, so that problems don't grow into full-fledged crises?

      We could seek to tie resources with each kid. A social service/mental health voucher system would enable guardians to choose on parameters only the the consumer can see, like availability and effect. Far too often, people in crisis are directed to inappropriate resources. This discourages folks from seeking assistance in the future. If we empowered families to find the best services for themselves, we would likely see higher returns.

      Whether or not we get funded through this competition, the problem-solving required to construct a proposal clarifies what is currently murky. You can learn as much from a rejected proposal as a funded one, if you start from the right place. This could be a great opportunity to really understand our situation.

      We can work on it via internet collaboration, or start with a physical planning meeting. The facilitated flow of information is our greatest tool in solving the deep problems. We have so many parallel efforts that coordination is imperative. Let's get started.

      Todd Groves
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