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United Teachers of Los Angles Strike agaist cutbacks and layoffs

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  • Charles Rachlis
       It s high time the  United Teachers of Richmond other CTA and CFT locals as well as parents and students groups follow  the LA teachers lead. (see
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         It's high time the  United Teachers of Richmond other CTA and CFT locals as well as parents and students groups follow  the LA teachers lead. (see attached and pasted below the  statement of UTLA  announcing their upcoming strike action)    If our teachers and staff workers unions can extend  the teachers' strike against budget cuts and layoffs state wide and can sustain if for more than one day we have a shot at changing the priorities and the political landscape. 

      The time for strike action to save public education is now.  Without widespread strike action now  layoffs and school closures are as assured as your diminished pay package and future job prospects.

      Charles Rachlis

       See UTLA statement below:
      UTLA members say YES to one-day
      work stoppage
      In the biggest UTLA ballot turnout in recent history, UTLA members voted to
      approve the one-day work stoppage in May, with 73.84% of the members voting
      yes  and 26.16% voting no. A total of 26,815 ballots were cast.
      The tally includes thousands of members whose jobs weren’t on the line but who
      nevertheless turned out to support their RIF’d colleagues and send a strong
      message about the damage the layoffs would do to their schools. 
      Votes were counted at UTLA headquarters and results posted on the website on
      April 30. The vote authorizes UTLA officers to call for a one-day work stoppage to
      protest teacher layoffs and class-size increases.  May 15 has been selected as the
      work stoppage date, to have the least conflict with month-long testing.
      The vote is a powerful rebuke to LAUSD officials who say that the only way to
      balance the budget is with pay cuts and salary freezes. 
      “No one is buying what LAUSD is selling,” UTLA President A.J. Duffy says. “It’s not
      about furlough days or seniority or any of the other issues they are trying to distract
      us with. Our members know the stimulus money was sent specifically to schools to
      save jobs, and they are willing to take bold action to make that happen.” 
      Last week, UTLA released information (posted on utla.net) that shows the money is
      there to stop the layoffs and class-size increases. UTLA is also pressing for the Title I
      funds to be used centrally so that all RIF’d jobs can be saved and class sizes kept at
      their 2008-2009 levels. 
      Your vote is your voice. Thanks to
      everyone who voted!

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