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Why so little money for education?

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  • Kevin Rivard
    The answer is so clear to me why so little money on education. In general just look at the parents and their actions of the care giving of their children. How
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2008
      The answer is so clear to me why so little money on education.

      In general just look at the parents and their actions of the care giving of their children.

      How long have the children in the Mormon compound in Texas been in the situation we are now reading about. For some reason now it is an important issue. Not ten years ago, not twenty year ago, now.

      When I was in my bank a couple years ago I saw a teller who said she was eight months along. She was telling another customer that she had just found a wonderful day care center for her baby that takes six week old infants. She was so happy that now she did not have to worry about where her baby was going to go after she returned to work.

      When my kids were going to Murphy, Lynn and I, witnessed a mother cursing and yelling at a teacher who had kept her child after school for a detention. The mother did not care to hear why the child was being disciplined. She was upset that she had been inconvenienced by having to wait for her child because she had a nail appointment and she was going to miss it.

      Lynn witnessed at K-Mart a mother hitting her child with a coat hanger and intervened and asked the mother to stop. The mother told Lynn the child was misbehaving and she was unable to shop. Lynn told the mother to go in and finish her shopping and she would keep her child outside. The mother went in and shopped for about half an hour all the while a stranger, Lynn, was watching her child.

      Look at all the parents who allow this district to house their children in potential death traps and do nothing. The parents, in general, just like the free day care so they can continue their lives unhindered by their children.

      I could go on and on but my point is, in general, parents don't give a crap about their children and worry more about their own comfort and needs.

      So why would anyone expect these parents to care whether their children's caregivers, the public schools, get paid more. After all, if the public schools get paid more, then their taxes would go up and then maybe they would have to forgo a manicure or a Lexus.

      I am not saying all parents are like the above scenario but those parents who really care about their children are paying, in addition to their taxes for public schools, the cost of a private school, private tutors, or staying at home and home schooling giving up a second income that allows for the manicures and Lexus's.

      Look at how in general these parents treat their children and you have the answer as to why "we as a state or as a nation allot relatively so little on education". It is not the state or nation that allows this, for a state or a nation are simply entities representing the wishes of the people who create and support them.

      As in the example of the Texas scenario I brought up, that horror story had been going on for decades and nothing was being done about it. Then some person decided to do something and all of a sudden we were shocked as a nation. The same can be said about education, as long as the parents want a low cost non productive day care then it will continue to exist. When and if the parents say no more and mobilize and create a change then something will be done. Parents just don't care, they have the power just as someone had the power in Texas to make change, the parents just don't want change. It is the parents in general who are comfortable with the status quo, those parents who are currently in the minority and want change have made their change and voted to leave the public sector behind. It is those parents who do not want change who allow the current system to continue.


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      Likewise, when you compare the salaries of firefighters to teachers,the discrepancy also leaves one wondering why so little for education.Eduardo--- In wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com, David Whitenack <davidwhitnack@...>wrote:>> No disrespect intended to big city fire department supervisors, but > why wouldn't one expect the chief administrator of a large urban/ > suburban school district in an area with an extremely high cost of > living to receive comparable compensation?> I suggest that the focus on this issue is misplaced.> Why do we as a state and a nation allot relatively little (e.g., > compared to military and prison expenditures) to education?> > David Whitenack>

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