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WVN #515: Lingering animosity over Commission choice

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    Dear Wayland Voter, The contentious path toward building the Town Center project on Route 20 pitted the Board of Selectmen against other town boards and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2013
      Dear Wayland Voter,

      The contentious path toward building the Town Center project on Route 20 pitted the Board of Selectmen against other town boards and committees over several years, sometimes angrily. Critics called the Board's style "my way or the highway."

      Two selectmen apparently haven't set aside hard feelings.

      When the selectmen interviewed Alice Boelter on July 22 for a vacancy on the Historic District Commission, Joe Nolan and Steve Correia said they couldn't vote for her because of views on jurisdiction she expressed in 2009 after the Town Center developer sued the Commission. The selectmen backed Twenty Wayland and denied legal representation to the Commission, which had sought to make changes to Historic District roads in stages.

      During the interview Correia tried to link Boelter to the lawsuit even though she explained that as a recently appointed alternate member at the time she took no part in the process. She has held professional positions dealing with development that fits within a neighborhood and was a neighborhood planner and assistant project manager for the Boston Redevelopment Authority as well as a planner for Massport.

      Correia asserted that the Historic District Commission Certificate "was the last permit actually needed to make groundbreaking happen" at the Town Center. That is untrue. When the Town Center developer applied to the HDC in February 2009, a number of permits were yet to be issued, and some permits are still in the works.

      Putting Boelter on the Commission would hurt the Town in many ways, Correia said, but gave no specifics.

      When Boelter sought reappointment in June 2010, she was rejected, and her name became part of one of the most visible and embarrassing violations of the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law in Wayland history.

      A TV camera left on by chance before the start of the July 8, 2010 selectmen's meeting made it clear that the Board had decided in secret against Boelter: "Boelter's off," one selectman said. The Attorney General's Office imposed a fine on the town, which four selectmen, including Correia, paid.

      This time Boelter was appointed as an alternate member on a 3-2 vote.

      For WayCAM's July 22, 2013 recording, fast forward to elapsed time 00:26:26 for the interview, then to around 02:41:45 for the comments just before the vote:

      --WVN Staff


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