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WVN ALERT: Traffic restrictions/New Finnerty's hearing date

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    Dear Wayland Voter, The Stop & Shop market at the Town Center will open on Friday Nov. 16, the morning after a 5 p.m. opening ceremony involving town
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      Dear Wayland Voter,

      The Stop & Shop market at the Town Center will open on Friday Nov. 16, the morning after a 5 p.m. opening ceremony involving town officials. You may have received Stop & Shop advertising. Be aware of traffic restrictions announced on Wednesday by Town Administrator Fred Turkington. See below.

      Residents should be aware of traffic restrictions that have been put in place to facilitate traffic flow to and from Wayland Town Center and to protect neighborhoods from "cut through" traffic to the mixed-use retail/office development on Route 20 (Boston Post Road) and Route 27 (Old Sudbury Road).

      With the opening of Stop and Shop on Friday, Nov. 16, 2012, take note of the following restrictions:

      * Vehicles traveling south on Route 126 (Concord Road) from Lincoln should proceed to the intersection at Route 27 and either turn left at the new traffic signal and then right on Pelham Island Road to access Route 20 (Boston Post Road) westbound and proceed to the main entrance to Town Center OR turn right at the new signal on to Route 27 northbound to turn left into the entrance to Town Center just past Wayland Commons. Signs have been posted at Moore Road, Glezen Lane, Training Field Road and Bow Road discouraging traffic from using these neighborhoods to access Route 27 southbound north of the entrance to Town Center.

      * A traffic island has been installed at the west end of Bow Road at the intersection with Route 27 (Old Sudbury Road). Vehicles are prohibited from turning south from westbound Bow Road onto Route 27. Resident must access points south on Route 27 by the new signal at the junction of Routes 27 and 126.

      * Three permanent speed tables have been installed on Glezen Lane between Old Sudbury Road and the training field at the intersection of Moore Road, Glezen Lane and Training Field Road to slow down traffic in the neighborhood and to discourage "cut through" traffic

      * Beginning the weekend of November 17-18, 2012, vehicles traveling westbound on Glezen Lane can't make a left turn to head southbound on Route 27 between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Residents looking to access points south of the intersection of Routes 27 and 126 must use the new signal to travel south.

      * Traffic exiting Town Center onto Route 27 (Old Sudbury Road) intending to travel north on Route 126 (Concord Road) must turn right and access Route 126 at the new traffic signal. Traffic should not turn left and attempt to access Route 126 via Glezen Lane or Bow Road.

      These restrictions are the result of various permits, approvals and agreements for the Wayland Town Center development designed to minimize the adverse traffic impacts of additional vehicle trips on Routes 27, 126 and 20. Some additional measures may be implemented if traffic counts exceed initial estimates as a condition of various permits, approvals and agreements. Police will conduct targeted enforcement of turn restrictions and speed limits to assure protection of Wayland neighborhoods.

      Fred Turkington
      Town Administrator


      For the sixth time the Planning Board has set a new date to continue the hearing on developing the site of the defunct Finnerty's Restaurant in Cochituate. The new date is Dec. 4.
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