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WVN ALERT: Officials' activity picks up

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    As the summer winds down, activity picks up at town hall. Six boards have posted to meet Monday evening, Aug. 27. Right after Labor Day, the permitting
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2012
      As the summer winds down, activity picks up at town hall. Six boards have posted to meet Monday evening, Aug. 27. Right after Labor Day, the permitting process continues for the redevelopment of the Finnerty's restaurant property.

      Selectmen start off this Monday at 6 p.m. to act on a petition received by Framingham resident Steve Hakar signed by the requisite minimum of 200 Wayland registered voters calling for a fall Special Town Meeting. The meeting is expected to be tentatively scheduled for Oct. 3 at the high school.


      Once the selectmen vote to open the STM warrant this Monday, town boards/committees can submit proposed warrant articles. Town residents also can submit petitioners' articles, each with a minimum of 100 signatures of Wayland registered voters. The deadline for submitting warrant articles is expected to be Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 4. http://www.wayland.ma.us/Pages/WaylandMA_TownNews/0194843E-000F8513.

      The selectmen plan to revisit their earlier 3-2 vote not to expand the scope of the Audit Committee. Prior to the first vote, they had received a petition signed by almost 200 Wayland residents to involve the audit committee and a request for assistance from the School Committee.


      Other Monday meetings include:

      Recreation Commission, 7 p.m.

      Posted agenda includes field study update, Claypit horse paddock donation, Dudley Pond access, next steps for three softball fields proposed for the Loker recreation area.

      Operational Review Committee, 7 p.m.
      Committee seeks to wrap up its activities, including preparing a final report to the Town. http://www.wayland.ma.us/Pages/WaylandMA_MeetingsCal/S0193566C-0193566D?formid=161

      Audit Committee, 7 p.m.
      Committee expects to receive input from Selectman John Bladon and FinCom member Tom Greenaway. http://www.wayland.ma.us/Pages/WaylandMA_MeetingsCal/S01943E5A-01946E26?formid=161

      Economic Development Committee, 7 p.m.
      Agenda includes the result of preliminary studies for the proposed Route 20 housing project, the Design Review Board's recommendations regarding the proposed CVS at Finnerty's, adding off-site wastewater capacity for the town center project.

      Board of Health, 7:30 p.m.
      Agenda includes a report from the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health regarding higher thanexpected incidence of breast cancer in Wayland based on 2004-2008 data, proposed septic system for a 40B housing project at 225 Old Connecticut Path, proposed septic system at Town Center,
      an update regarding school nurses.

      WEDNESDAY, Aug. 29. School Committee, 7 p.m.
      Agenda includes a final meeting with the ORC, superintendent and committee goals for the new school year, technology use policy, laptop distribution update, student activity accounts procedures, and an executive session for union contract negotiations strategy.

      TUESDAY, Sept. 4, 8:35 p.m.
      The public is invited to participate at the Planning Board's Site Plan Approval public hearing concerning the proposed redevelopment of the Finnerty's property at the Main Street/West Plain Street intersection in Cochituate.

      Two buildings are proposed:
      10,880 sf (square feet) CVS with drive-through window, a 3,600 sf restaurant,
      3,500 sf of retail floor space and 7,100 sf of second floor office space.

      WEDNESDAY , Sept. 5
      The Finance Committee tentatively plans to meet, and again on Monday, Sept. 10.
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