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WVN #349: Bladon, Kinney win, ballot question passes

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    ELECTION RESULTS The annual town election Tuesday resulted in two squeakers. Shawn Kinney defeated Beth Butler for a School Committee seat by 50 votes,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2010

      The annual town election Tuesday resulted in two squeakers. Shawn Kinney defeated Beth Butler for a School Committee seat by 50 votes, 1385-1335. A $2 million debt exclusion passed by 1201-1141, a margin of 60 votes.

      Finance Committee member John Bladon defeated Don Bustin more comfortably, 1320-1161, for a seat on the Board of Selectmen.

      In other unofficial results, Jonathan Mishara and Chris Brown were elected to the Board of Public Works from a field of three.

      Voter turnout was 33 percent of 8,968 registered voters.

      Though campaigning was relatively low key, Kinney used a website to get across his message that the schools should pursue cost-effectiveness and avoid laying off teachers except as a last resort. There were approximately 200 Kinney lawn signs.

      Butler and Bladon signs were often paired and both candidates were endorsed by many of the town's political leaders. The two largely espoused current policies.

      Bustin campaigned by website and mailing, and by talking with voters at the transfer station.

      Butler led in the northern precincts, 1 and 4. Bustin led in the southern precincts, 2 and 3.

      Though Wayland favored Democrat Peter Smulowitz over State Rep. Richard Ross, 1747-1195, the Wrentham Republican won the state Senate seat vacated by U.S. Sen. Scott Brown.

      More Wayland residents voted for the state Senate candidates than for local candidates and the debt question. There were 610 blanks on the question, 470 in the Board of Selectmen race and 231 in the School Committee race. Some voters may have overlooked the question, which was at the bottom of the ballot, though poll workers often pointed it out as they handed out ballots. In any case, blanks outnumbered the margin of victory in every case. The percentage of voters who made a choice on the most important items was notably lower than the overall voter turnout.

      -- WVN Staff

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