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WVN UPDATE: Photos of damaged Cochituate trees

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  • waylandvoters1
    Dear Wayland Voter, Since the WVN Alert of Sept. 25 a number of readers in areas affected by NSTAR s aggressive tree-trimming have reported their concerns.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2009
      Dear Wayland Voter,

      Since the WVN Alert of Sept. 25 a number of readers in areas affected by NSTAR's aggressive tree-trimming have reported their concerns. One householder suggested posting a sign near the street warning crews hired by the utility that they need the owner's permission before working on private property.

      A couple of readers minimized others' fears that lopsided trees -- some now missing all limbs on the street side -- would die prematurely, potentially endangering buildings and requiring expensive removal.

      Photos of some affected trees have been posted on Flickr. To judge for yourself you can see them at:


      If you live in a neighborhood that is unaffected so far, keep in mind that crews may give no warning when they move into an area.

      The Alert is at:


      Since NSTAR received town permits in August and September, neither NSTAR nor the town has provided public information or warning that NSTAR crews would be cutting mature shade trees, including those apparently located on private property.

      Public Works Director Don Ouellette says he is discussing with NSTAR some compensation for trees that ultimately will need to be replaced.

      Residents seeking additional information or wanting to express their concerns can contact Town Administrator Fred Turkingtonfturkington@..., DPW Director Don Ouellette DOuellette@..., Board of Public Works Chairman Eric Knapperic.knapp@..., or senior NSTAR arborist William Hayes william.hayes@....


      State of the Town presentation by town officials, with Q&A, Town Building, 7:30-9:30 p.m. today, Wednesday Sept. 30.
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