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WVN #252: Municipal building site questioned

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    Dear Wayland Voter, One of the selling points for the Town Center mixed-use project on Route 20 was that the developer would provide land  for a municipal
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2008
      Dear Wayland Voter,

      One of the selling points for the Town Center mixed-use project on Route 20 was that the developer would provide land  for a municipal building. As the approval process now reaches the Conservation Commission, it
      appears that  the site picked by the developers may be unworkable.  

      The ConCom also wrestled during a marathon session on June 26 with milfoil eradication at the town beach, the new Jewish cemetery, and  expanding  the Finagle-A-Bagel cafe.


      When Twenty Wayland presented its plan for a $140-million development at the former Raytheon site, the ConCom said  the maps in the Notice of Intent were  difficult to understand.

      Maps were in 1 to 40 ratio instead of the required  1 to 20. They did not clearly indicate the boundaries of the 100-foot riverfront area. State law prohibits construction within 100 feet of a river, so this is an important

      The elevation readings used NAVD (North American Vertical Datum) instead of NGVD (National Geodetic Vertical Datum). ConCom has been using NGVD. NAVD is the newer system. Twenty Wayland must apply for a
      waiver from the Commission's regulations  to use the new system.

      There was no overlay of the new construction proposed and the existing Raytheon buildings and parking lot. In particular, the part of the maps and drawings with the new town building (which would be built at taxpayer
      expense) and the old day care center were unclear. It seems that part of the new town building plan may intersect the 100-foot riverfront area. It was unclear to the Commission whether the town building site, which
      has been touted as a major benefit to the town for approving this project, is a buildable lot. It has been discussed as the site for a new library or community center, but it may  be legally impossible to  erect a new
      building on the site under current regulations if the existing building is removed.  

      Commissioners discussed whether part of a previous building and parking lot (before being replaced by the day care center) which had been overgrown with grass was undisturbed land or not. This would impact the
      statement made by Twenty   Wayland that there are no new disturbed areas.

      ConCom also requested  peer review statements prepared for other boards so that peer review is not needlessly duplicated. This would include studies on wastewater management, water use, aquifer contamination,
      hydrology of the site and so forth.  The Commission was told that some reports and pertinent agency correspondence from the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act review are on the Planning Board's website.  

      It was noted that information required for Aquifer Protection was missing. It was unclear if one of the large stormwater basins was in the 100-foot riverfront area. Nitrogen loading impacting groundwater and the
      Sudbury River was not discussed in Twenty Wayland's notice.   Raytheon, which is engaged in an environmental cleanup scheduled to last for years,  had not seen the Notice of Intent, according to Twenty Wayland

      The applicant agreed to submit the requested documents before the discussion continues on July 17.  


      Nancy McShea, Park and Recreation director, presented a proposal to use chemical treatments (Diquat or Triclopyr) to eliminate milfoil at the town beach. Divers pulled 30,000 plants one recent weekend and Park and
      Rec employees must go out every day to remove fragments of milfoil in the swimming area to keep the invasive plant in check. Park and Rec plans to pull plants all summer, but wants to use chemical treatment in the
      fall. McShea claimed Triclopyr is more selective (does not kill most other plants) and also more systemic (kills more of the  milfoil plant).

      Most comments were positive. John Dwinnell from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation spoke in support. McShea cited literature claiming that neither chemical  poses a danger to animals or
      humans even if swallowed. Neighboring towns such as Framingham are already using chemicals to destroy milfoil and Wayland's Surface Water Quality Committee has recently been given permission to use the herbicide
      fluoridone in Dudley Pond.  The ComCom recommended also using matting on the lake floor to discourage weed growth by impeding sunlight in late fall through early spring, after herbicide treatment.  

      The discussion of  chemicals will continue on July 17.


      JCAM, the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts, was back with a radically different plan for access to the new East Beit Olam cemetery. Instead of going through the wetlands at 48 Concord Road, the access
      will be through a lot at 22 Holiday Road. The house  at 22 Holiday Road will be leveled to make room for the access road and a utility area for the cemetery.

      Most of the discussion centered on the retaining wall on the northeast edge of the cemetery land bordering the wetlands. Two concrete walls will be separated by a large drainage swale, which will absorb stormwater
      from the cemetery area. ConCom asked for precise engineering plans for the retaining wall. The cemetery proposal will be continued on July 17 after these plans are received.

      In addition, JCAM asked for informal reactions to a suggestion to use part of the land at 48 Concord Road for a new house lot as part of the plan to finance the project. There is already a gravel driveway and small house
      on the land, but the current driveway intersects the 30-foot vegetative boundary for wetlands. In addition, since much of the lot is wetlands with vernal pools, some deed restrictions and physical vegetative boundaries
      might  be in order to keep new owners from incursions into these protected wetlands. An abutter to 48 Concord Road agreed to let his driveway be shared by the new house lot, in which case the existing gravel
      driveway might not be needed. 

      ConCom asked if the owner of the land between the existing Jewish cemetery (West Beit Olam) and the new cemetery (East Beit Olam), Perry Traquina, would let JCAM  obtain access for East Beit Olam that way. Sander
      Rikleen, representing JCAM, said that Traquina was willing to sell that land for $2 million but that JCAM did not have the money to buy it.


      The Commission  discussed a plan to enlarge Finagle-A-Bagel at 54 Boston Post Road. The structure was built in the 1950s when stormwater laws were less comprehensive. Some upgrades were made in 2000 when
      Finagle purchased the property from Friendly's. The new construction would conform to modern stormwater laws. 

      Most of the Finagle-A-Bagle discussion had to do with the slope behind a dumpster. ConCom requested changes to the slope, with better erosion control and clean-up of debris. ConCom also requested that borders of
      the property be delineated with vegetation one can  see through so as to discourage people from throwing trash into land bordering wetlands. This project discussion will be continued on July 31.

      -- Betty Salzberg

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