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WVN #22: high school project costs to be announced Thurs. night

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    WAYLAND VOTERS NETWORK June 29, 2004 Dear Wayland Voter, Preliminary cost estimates for each of the three options being considered by the High School Building
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      June 29, 2004

      Dear Wayland Voter,

      Preliminary cost estimates for each of the three options being
      considered by the High School Building Committee will be presented at
      the HSBC meeting this Thursday, July 1, Town Building School
      Committee Room. The meeting will begin at 6:30pm. The committee
      plans to have pizza first; public comment is scheduled to begin at
      6:45pm. At last week's meeting, the project manager promised that
      the following information will be presented for each option at the
      meeting this Thursday:

      1)Qualitative evaluation, i.e., pros and cons of each design scheme;
      2)Phasing and schedule, i.e., how many phases of construction, what
      happens in each, how long each takes;
      3)Cost estimates for each design scheme.

      Fifteen minutes will be spent discussing each of the above, for each
      option. First, qualitative evaluations will be discussed for all
      three options; then phasing and schedule for all three; and finally,
      cost estimates for all three.

      The following week, a public forum will be held on Thursday, July 8,
      Wayland High School L1 Lecture Hall, 7:30pm. The HSBC had intended
      to select one option the week after the public forum, on July 15;
      this option will be fully developed and eventually presented to
      voters for their approval or rejection. But several members of the
      public objected to this tight timeframe. At their last meeting, the
      committee discussed possibly delaying their selection by a week or
      two, to allow more time for public input. Apparently the decision to
      do just that was made after the last meeting. The HSBC timetable of
      decision dates now indicates that on July 29, the committee will
      select the one option that eventually will be on the ballot.

      Speaking of ballots, when the date for selecting one option was
      discussed at last week's meeting, the overall timetable was referred
      to. It became apparent that one scenario would be to hold a special
      election next January or early February for the ballot question on
      funding the high school project. To me, such a scenario is
      unthinkable. Holding the vote in the winter when many residents
      (esp. retirees) have gone to warmer locales, and many others may find
      it impossible to get to the polls, would be, in my opinion,
      unconscionable. I said as much during the public comment period at
      the end of last week's HSBC meeting. The chair said my point was

      If you were unable to attend last week's HSBC meeting (June 24), a
      videotape recording of the meeting will be broadcast on the Wayland
      cable TV channel this Wednesday, June 30, at 7:00 pm. This broadcast
      is made possible by volunteer camera operator Richard Turner, in
      cooperation with Jim Mullane at WayCam.

      Thank you for reading this WVN newsletter. Please forward it to your
      friends and neighbors in Wayland. If they want to receive their own
      copy, they can send an email to waylandvoters2@... and they
      will be signed up for the listserv. Or, they can sign themselves up
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      subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Click reply and send after receiving an e-
      mail confirming the subscription. Anyone who'd rather receive
      information from WVN by phone or regular mail should leave a message
      at (508) 358-9171.

      Wayland Voters Network
      Margo Melnicove, Chair
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