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Wayland Voters Network Newsletter #2 March 10, 2004

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    WAYLAND VOTERS NETWORK Wednesday, March 10, 2004 Dear Wayland Voter, This is the second online newsletter of the Wayland Voters Network. If you are new to the
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      Wednesday, March 10, 2004

      Dear Wayland Voter,

      This is the second online newsletter of the Wayland Voters Network.
      If you are new to the network, thank you for signing up. We hope you
      find it useful.

      The annual Town Election will be held on Tuesday, April 27. Following
      is a list of candidates who filed papers by the March 9 deadline
      (candidates marked with * are running unopposed):

      BOARD OF SELECTMEN Patricia E. Abramson, 5 Goodman Ln
      BOARD OF SELECTMEN August C. Mueller, 25 Red Barn Rd
      BOARD OF SELECTMEN Michael L. Tichnor, 98 Sears Rd

      SCHOOL COMMITTEE Robert B. Gordon, 73 Draper Rd
      SCHOOL COMMITTEE Mark Santangelo, 15 Oak St

      PLANNING BOARD Joyce E. Lauer, 75 Moore Rd
      PLANNING BOARD Christopher Seveney, 8 Castle Rd

      ASSESSOR Jayson S. Brodie, 105 Dahlia Dr
      ASSESSOR Susan M. Rufo, 22 Old Tavern Rd

      BOARD OF HEALTH Bryan J. Besso, 192 Main St
      BOARD OF HEALTH William C. Kilcoyne, Jr., 42 Dean Rd
      BOARD OF HEALTH Michelle Wolf, 9 Blossom Ln

      TOWN CLERK *Judith L. St. Croix, 164 West Plain St
      ROAD COMMISSIONER *Stewart A. Millerd, 6 Melody Ln
      ROAD COMMISSIONER *Anthony Timpero, 26 Dean Rd
      LIBRARY TRUSTEE *Perry R. Hagenstein, 15 Bennett Rd
      LIBRARY TRUSTEE *Anne B. Heller, 24 Hickory Hill Rd
      PARK & REC *William J. Bowhers, 85 Woodridge Rd
      PARK & REC *Mary Ellen Litter, 226 West Plain St
      PARK & REC *Anna Meliones, 255 Concord Rd
      PLANNING BOARD ASSOC *Anette S. Lewis, 33 Claypit Hill Rd
      PLANNING BOARD *Rebecca L. Regan, 69 Riverview Cir
      HOUSING AUTHORITY *Mary M. Antes, 11 Old Farm Cir
      HOUSING AUTHORITY *Charles H. Raskin, 19 Parkland Rd
      WATER COMMISSIONER *Joel Goodmonson, 8 Sweet Grass Ln
      TRUST FUND COMM *Jerrold I. W. Mitchell, 28 Old Weston Rd
      BOARD OF HEALTH *Steven E. Locke, 10 Deer Run

      Some good news about Town Meeting, which starts on April 29. After
      hearing complaints about how difficult it was to get to the last Town
      Meeting, the Wayland Senior Center has decided to provide
      transportation. If you or anyone you know needs a ride to and from
      the upcoming Town Meeting, call the Senior Center, (508)358-2990.

      One Town Meeting article that's likely to be of interest to many
      voters would replace the current Executive Secretary with a Town
      Administrator. Proponents hope that this change will produce some
      efficiencies in Town Government, thereby saving some money and
      improving the quality of services, though these benefits seem
      impossible to quantify in advance. Opponents focus on non-financial
      arguments, such as loss of autonomy of independent town boards. There
      is continuing coverage of this issue in local and regional media.

      A number of other articles in the upcoming Town Meeting, which are
      meant to improve the democratic process, deserve your attention. This
      newsletter will attempt to focus on one such article in each edition.

      Amend Chapter 36 of Current Bylaws
      This article would mandate that, when possible, ballot questions
      involving capital expenditures or Proposition 2 and 1/2 debt
      exclusion overrides over $2.5 million be presented to the voters at
      major elections, such as presidential or annual state elections. This
      would prevent ballot questions to approve major expenditures from
      being scheduled during times of the year when people tend to be away,
      or scheduled during a purely local special election, which many
      people don't even notice. Thus passage of this article, which may
      seem like a minor procedural adjustment, could have a significant
      impact on voter turnout when major spending proposals are on the

      Thank you for reading this Wayland Voters Network newsletter. Please
      forward it to your friends and neighbors in Wayland and encourage
      them to sign up for their own copies by sending a blank email to:
      waylandvotersnetwork-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Tell them to click
      reply and send when they receive an e-mail confirming their
      subscription. Or if they wish to receive information from WVN by
      phone or regular mail, tell them to leave a message at (508)358-9171.

      If you have any questions or comments, or want to help us contact
      other voters, please write to:

      Thanks again,
      Wayland Voters Network
      Margo Melnicove, Chair
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