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WVN Newsletter #179: Destructive start to condo project

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    Dear Wayland Voter, Work on a 48-unit condominium project on Old Sudbury Road has begun with the illegal destruction of a scenic wooded border including many
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2006
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      Dear Wayland Voter,

      Work on a 48-unit condominium project on Old Sudbury Road
      has begun with the illegal destruction of a scenic wooded border
      including many mature trees. Though the developer says he is
      upset at the mistake, it isn't yet clear what can be done to rectify
      the blight, which shocked many Wayland residents.

      This could indicate the need for vigilance when the much larger
      town center housing/shopping/office complex is built nearby.

      Meanwhile, the town center developers have submitted a
      concept plan, and an environmental expert predicts years --
      perhaps decades -- of cleanup and monitoring at the site. Molly
      Upton reports.


      Just when you think nothing is happening in Wayland in the dog
      days of summer... a contractor hired by the Wayland Commons
      developer is busily clear-cutting on the southern portion of the
      40B housing development along Route 27. One old 60-inch elm
      remains because residents came to its rescue.

      The clear-cutting violated the directives to preserve buffer
      screening and the stone wall spelled out in the Zoning Board's
      Comprehensive Permit Decision #05-22. The developer, Michael
      Intoccia, was well aware of these restrictions and, according to
      residents, held a walk on the property pointing out what
      vegetation would be preserved.

      After the damage was done, Intoccia told the Wayland Town
      Crier, "The tree cutter made a mistake." He added, "I want the
      units to have privacy... I'm probably more upset than anyone." He
      promised to do whatever the town wishes to remedy the

      The Screening Plan received by the town Jan. 11, 2006, is clear.
      Not only are several existing trees or groups of trees delineated
      on the plan, the large notation states: "protect & prune existing
      trees over 6" caliper. Selectively clear dead trees, vines, and
      brush at the direction of the landscape architect."

      The town will be considering a recourse. The Zoning Board
      meets Aug. 22 and the building inspector and town counsel will
      be back from vacation the last week in August.

      In the ZBA permit, section #50 states: "To the extent reasonably
      practicable and not unsafe, the Applicant shall retain the existing
      stone walls and stone pillars located along or near the boundary
      of the Subject Property and the sideline of Old Sudbury Road
      (Route 27). At least fourteen (14) days prior to the movement or
      removal of any part or all of said wall and/or pillars, the Applicant
      shall give the Town's Historic District Commission and Building
      Commissioner written notice of its intent to do so and the
      reasons that such movement or removal is necessary."

      Section #52 states: "The Applicant shall preserve as much of the
      existing vegetation as a buffer to Old Sudbury Road (Route 27)
      as is practicable, and shall provide screening between the
      project roadway and Old Sudbury Road to prevent headlights
      shining on Old Sudbury Road (Route 27). The screening shall
      be done in a manner that does not compromise intersection
      sight distance and substantially in conformance with the
      `Landscaping Plans.'"

      Stone walls were torn out along with trees and bushes.


      Twenty Wayland LLC filed its concept plan Aug. 1, 2006, starting
      the 90-day clock running for Planning Board approval. See:

      The Planning Board expects to invite public comment on the
      concept plan in September.

      The plan shows some areas of the projected municipal building
      parking lot in the flood zone B as well as much of the building.
      Zone B is defined as a 100- to 500-year flood risk. Another
      source for information on Wayland's flood zones is:
      ma_overlay_Dsize.p df#search=%22flood%20zone%20B%22

      Though the concept plan doesn't mention it, the whole property
      is in Zone II well head protection district -- a major recharging
      area for Wayland's water supply.


      The town's licensed site professional, Ben Gould of CMG
      Environmental, Inc., predicted lengthy timelines for Raytheon's
      complete remediation when he met with selectmen.

      In an accompanying letter, Gould states that because of the
      probable need for supplemental treatments, the "earliest that
      Raytheon would deem the Southern Area sufficiently remediated
      is 2008, it is likely that remediation will not be complete until
      circa 2013, and there is a small chance that remediation will not
      be complete until 2018 or later."

      In the northern area, Raytheon expects to begin "nutrient addition
      to enhance naturally-occurring bioremediation in 2007." This
      remediation process "generally takes decades. The most
      optimistic prediction would be successful remediation circa
      2017, but a more likely outcome would be circa 2035."

      Given the extended timeframes, development activities must
      "not destroy (or impede access to) numerous monitoring wells
      located in all three Site areas" as well as access to the planned
      remediation area in the north.

      Hydrology remains an ongoing consideration and Raytheon
      "must be a party to discussion of" issues such as onsite
      infiltration galleries to handle septic system effluent or storm
      water runoff, as well as major changes in impervious cover
      (buildings and paving), Gould noted.

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      Wayland Voters Network
      Michael Short, Editor
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