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WVN #10: Vote...your conscience, not someone else's

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    WAYLAND VOTERS NETWORK April 26, 2004 Dear Wayland Voter, Tuesday, April 27, is the annual Town election. We hope you receive this newsletter before the day
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      April 26, 2004

      Dear Wayland Voter,

      Tuesday, April 27, is the annual Town election. We hope you receive
      this newsletter before the day is over. We apologize for the delay
      in posting it. We have been experiencing email meltdown.

      Polling places are open from 7:00am to 8:00pm. If you or anyone you
      know needs a ride to the polls, please call the following number,
      which will be monitored all day: (508)333-1408.

      And please remember to vote… your conscience, not someone else's.

      We say this because of the emergence of a Political Action Committee
      that appears to be behaving like a new local political party.
      Dubbed "Citizen's for Wayland's Future," it has announced itself via
      a large ad in the Town Crier endorsing a slate of candidates and a
      position on a Town Meeting article. We believe this is unique in the
      history of Wayland; political parties have not been involved in
      purely local races. In the past, each candidate campaigned on
      his/her own platform with support from each individual's own campaign

      But now we have a group spending money on behalf of, and pushing, a
      slate of candidates. To what end? This is not completely clear.
      The group's stated goals are, no doubt, ones that each and every
      candidate supports (long-term planning, careful growth of the tax
      base, and preservation and enhancement of Town services, schools and
      quality of life).

      Perhaps one clue to the not-so-hidden agenda of this new group is its
      membership, as listed in the Town Crier ad and on a flyer left at
      many homes over the weekend. Most of the founding members are
      elected or appointed officials, including the Chair of the Board of
      Selectman, another BOS member who's running unopposed for another
      office, the Chair of the School Committee, another School Committee
      member, the Chair of the High School Building Committee, another HSBC
      member, a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, a member of
      the Town Center Committee, and a Library Trustee who's also a Trust
      Fund Commissioner. Spouses and friends of several of these
      individuals are also among the founding members, as are the authors
      of a widely-disseminated email that included negative and inaccurate
      information in an attempt to discredit two non-slate candidates, Pat
      Abramson and Mark Santangelo. Another clue is the fact that, where
      an incumbent exists (School Committee and Board of Health), this
      group endorses the incumbent, and its choice for Selectman is the one
      among three Selectman candidates who is most closely associated with
      the Town's existing power structure. In addition, the group's
      address is that of the Chair of the Board of Selectmen.

      Of course, any resident, public official or otherwise, is free to
      support any candidate they wish. But the composition of this group
      and its slate leads to the hypothesis that CWF exists primarily for
      the purposes of strengthening the current power structure and
      promoting its policies and pet projects.

      And so, on the one hand, there's the CWF "insiders" slate of Tichnor
      for Selectman, Gordon for School Committee, Seveney for Planning
      Board, and Wolf for Board of Health. On the other hand, there's
      the "outsiders" lineup of Abramson or Mueller for Selectman,
      Santangelo for School Committee, Lauer for Planning Board, and Besso
      or Kilcoyne for Board of Health. Don't the CWF founders realize how
      divisive this is? Don't they know this reinforces what WVN has heard
      countless times from voters: "Wayland's run by a clique…they'll
      eventually get their way…my vote doesn't matter…I used to be involved
      but I've given up, what's the point…."

      Well, WVN believes your vote does matter. And we trust you'll
      exercise it the old fashioned way, by learning all you can about the
      candidates and then making up your mind, one candidate at a time.

      Thank you for reading this Wayland Voters Network newsletter. Please
      forward it to your friends and neighbors in Wayland and encourage
      them to sign up for their own copies by sending a blank email to:
      waylandvotersnetwork-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Tell them to click
      reply and send when they receive an e-mail confirming their
      subscription. Or, if they want us to sign them up, tell them to
      email waylandvoters2@.... If they'd rather receive information
      from WVN by phone or regular mail, they should leave a message at

      Wayland Voters Network
      Margo Melnicove, Chair
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