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75WVN # 75 Special Bulletin: Final Candidates for Town Boards

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  • waylandvoters
    Mar 9, 2005
      Wayland Voters Network
      March 9, 2005

      Board of Selectmen Chairman Betsy Connolly and School Committee
      Chairman Lori Frieling have decided against seeking re-election on
      April 26. As a result, the remaining candidates who filed before the
      March 8 deadline are assured of election.

      Also uncontested are seats on the Road Commission, Park and Recreation
      Commission, Housing Authority, Water Commission, Board of Assessors,
      Trust Fund Commission and the position of moderator.

      The uncontested candidates are:
      Moderator: Peter Gossels
      Selectmen: Joseph F. Nolan, Alan J. Reiss
      Road Commission: Mark Santangelo
      School Committee: Louis M. Jurist, Barbara J. Fletcher
      Park & Recreation: Anna Meliones
      Housing Authority: Susan Weinstein
      Water Commission: W. Edward Lewis
      Assessor: Marcia D. Malmfeldt
      Trust Fund Commission: John B. Wilson

      The contested races:

      Lynne J. Lipcon, Aida A. Gennis and Mimi Sohn Licht will vie for two
      Library Trustee positions.

      Lynne A. Dunbrack and Stephen E. Tise will run for one Planning Board

      Anna M. Ludwig, Philip Pattison and Arnold R. Soslow will run for two
      three-year positions on the Board of Health. William A. Currier and
      Marie M. Durant will run for a single one-year term on the board.

      One seat on the Park and Recreation Commission will remain empty for
      lack of a candidate.

      WVN will cover the election campaigns as they develop. With the heads
      of Wayland's two most important elected bodies dropping out at the
      last moment (they took out papers but didn't file them by the
      deadline), voters' attention will probably focus largely on a tax
      override of about $2 million.

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      Wayland Voters Network
      Margo Melnicove, Chair
      Michael Short, Treasurer