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70WVN #70: Town Meeting Report

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  • waylandvoters2
    Jan 28, 2005
      Wayland Voters Network
      January 28, 2005

      Dear Wayland Voter,

      This is a brief report on last night's town meeting. First, a recap
      of Tuesday's election, in which the tax override ballot question was
      defeated. The moderator announced election results at town meeting
      that differed from those posted on the Town Clerk's website. The
      website is correct and has a breakdown of the results precinct by
      precinct www.wayland.ma.us/townclerk/elections.htm. The total vote
      on Tuesday was 2005 for the override, 2645 against.


      Article 1 was passed over, i.e., no action was taken on the article.
      This was the School Committee's article seeking $4.2 million to
      design the proposed new high school. Borrowing such a sum would
      depend on voter approval of a debt exclusion override. Given that
      the override was defeated in Tuesday's election, the School Committee
      opted to ask town meeting to pass over Article 1.

      Article 2 was approved, 503 to 320. This was a petitioners'
      article. It was amended once before final approval. Here is the
      amended text of Article 2, as approved by town meeting:

      To determine whether the Town will vote to manage financial risk to
      the Town and its taxpayers by, effective immediately, freezing the
      expenditure of funds appropriated, or to be appropriated, for
      architectural design and project management services for the proposed
      renovation and expansion of the Wayland High School until such time
      as (1) the new Massachusetts School Building Authority has completed
      its state-wide needs survey; (2) the new Massachusetts School
      Building Authority has issued its final standards and regulations for
      school project funding applications; and (3) the Finance Committee
      has presented to the taxpayers, at a public hearing, a comprehensive
      analysis of the financial position of the Town.

      Article 4 was defeated on a voice vote. This was the Planning
      Board's article seeking $25,000 to fund a traffic study for Wayland
      Town Center.

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      Margo Melnicove, Chair
      Wayland Voters Network