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667WVN ALERT: Boschetto, Bouchard elected

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  • waylandvoters1
    Apr 2, 2013
      Dear Wayland Voter,

      Tony Boschetto and Donna Bouchard, who campaigned on a record of finding and fixing flaws in school and town accounting, won election Tuesday over candidates who were seen as representing the status quo.

      Unofficial final results showed Boschetto defeating David Gordon Cliff 1,512-1,224 for a seat on the Board of Selectmen. Bouchard defeated Jeanne Downs for a seat on the School Committee, 1,443-1,307.

      Cliff was endorsed by former town officials including John Bladon, the retiring selectman he hoped to replace. Bladon was part of a Board majority that resisted changes such as the amount of tax relief that Boschetto and Bouchard favored and which Town Meeting voters approved. Cliff had said that, if elected, Boschetto and sitting selectmen Doug Leard and Ed Collins would take Wayland in the "wrong direction."

      When they disclosed the results of their fiscal investigation, Bouchard and Boschetto said residents were being overtaxed to fund surpluses. They called for continuing scrutiny and greater transparency. On election day their supporters urged voters to "finance services not surpluses."

      Voter turnout was 2,766, 29 percent of the 9,391 registered voters,

      Cliff won only Precinct 4.

      Results reported by theTown Clerk:

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