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5Wayland Voters Network newsletter #5 April 20, 2004

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    Apr 20, 2004
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      April 20, 2004

      Dear Wayland Voter,

      This fifth edition of the Wayland Voters Network newsletter contains
      information related to the upcoming Town election (Tuesday, April 27)
      and Town Meeting (begins Thursday, April 29). If you are new to the
      network, thank you for subscribing. Please tell your neighbors and
      friends about us, and encourage anyone who would like to sign up to
      email us at: waylandvoters2@....

      This week we are publishing statements by candidates in the five
      contested races, beginning today with statements by the two
      candidates for a 5-year term on the Planning Board, Joyce Lauer and
      Christopher Seveney. Several important announcements follow the
      candidates' statements, so please read on.

      Candidates were asked to identify the top two priorities facing the
      Planning Board, and to state their position on each or how they would
      approach each if elected.


      JOYCE E. LAUER, 75 Moore Rd.
      The Planning Board faces several challenges in coming years.

      1) One priority is to modify certain sections of the zoning
      regulations. For example, use of sites that are only marginally
      suitable for development has become more common in recent years,
      because the best parcels are already developed, and problems at these
      marginal sites require additional regulation.

      2) Transformation of the Route 20 commercial and historic area into a
      true "town center" is another priority. It is important to remember
      that the Town owns little land in the town center, and thus the
      Town's role is mainly advisory. Communication and cooperation with
      business owners, particularly the owner of the former Raytheon
      property, is essential to town center efforts. The Planning Board
      can facilitate desired town center goals by changing zoning
      regulations as appropriate.

      3) Preservation of open space is an important responsibility of the
      Planning Board. Large parcels of open space include Mainstone Farm
      (212 acres near Old Connecticut Path), parcels on Lincoln Road, and
      the two golf courses. The Master Plan suggests issuing a bond
      secured by some fraction of future Community Preservation Act
      revenues in order to pay for major land purchases. Alternatively,
      Conservation Cluster development is a means of preserving some open
      space while allowing clustered house construction in one portion of a

      4) Another priority is to encourage the Selectmen and Finance
      Committee to engage in long-range planning and prioritization for
      capital expenditures, which include both buildings and land. Only by
      insisting upon frugality in every project will we be able to fund all
      of our needs, including purchase of land for open space.

      5) A final challenge is to improve communication with the public, so
      that residents understand the importance of goals 1 - 4 and support
      these goals at town meeting.

      CHRISTOPHER W. SEVENEY, 8 Castle Rd.
      The top two priorities facing the planning board are management of
      new developments and enhancement of the Town Center.

      New developments will be more complex due to construction on sloping
      terrain and proximity to adjacent structures, wetlands and
      ecosystems. The planning board will evaluate any effects on these
      complexities and the aesthetic effects on the neighborhood to
      preserve its character.

      The planning board will also play a role in enhancement of the town
      center. This may consist of changes in zoning regulations to meet the
      needs of the community, including working with private developers on
      affordable housing that still meets the towns aesthetic and
      environmental concerns. An example of this is the old Raytheon
      building, which if redeveloped, could complement the town center.

      After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, I have
      spent the past seven years working in construction management on
      public and privately owned developments as well as renovation of
      historic buildings. During this time, I had to comprehend the site
      plan and permitting approval processes and work as a liaison between
      project proponents and neighborhood groups to address their concerns.

      My experience has allowed me to understand the effects of
      construction on neighborhood communities, traffic, and the
      environment, including environmental concerns due to poor storm water
      systems. I have worked on historic mixed-use facilities to promote
      area growth, which is consistent with transformation of the town

      Based on my experiences, I would be a complement to the planning
      board. My role as a member would include providing insight and
      assisting the other members in evaluating effects on the environment
      and preserving town character and open space while promoting
      affordable housing within new developments and the town center.

      I look forward to being a member of the planning board as I ask for
      your vote.

      ABSENTEE BALLOTS: If you are unable to vote on election day because
      you will be out of town, or because of a physical disability or
      religious belief, you can vote by absentee ballot. First, you have
      to complete an application for absentee ballot. You can get one at
      the Town Clerk's office, or online at www.state.ma.us/sec and click
      on Elections Division/How to Apply for an Absentee Ballot.
      Applications for absentee ballots must be received in the Town
      Clerk's office by noon on the day before the election (Monday, April
      26). Ballots themselves must be received in the Town Clerk's office
      by the close of polls on election day (Tuesday, April 27, 8pm). If
      you are applying for yourself and return the application to the Town
      Clerk's office in person, you can be given a ballot and vote right
      then and there. If you are a family member of a person qualified to
      vote by absentee ballot, you may apply on behalf of that person, and
      you may return the absentee voter's ballot to the Town Clerk. But
      the ballot itself will most likely have to be mailed to the absentee
      voter. So if you are helping someone else vote by absentee ballot,
      you need to apply immediately on behalf of that person. Finally,
      anyone who has applied to vote by absentee ballot may vote in person
      at the Town Clerk's office at a time arranged, rather than having the
      ballot mailed to you. More information and a sample ballot are
      available at www.wayland.ma.us/clerk/elections.htm.

      TOWN ADMINISTRATOR PUBLIC HEARING: The Board of Selectman is holding
      a public hearing on a proposed bylaw to establish the position of
      Town Administrator, today Tuesday, April 20, 8pm, Town Building. The
      proposed bylaw can be found in the Town Meeting Warrant recently
      mailed to all households. It's Article 11, Create Town Administrator
      Position, pgs. 41-49.

      NEED A RIDE TO THE POLLS? WVN has lined up several volunteers to
      take people to and from their polling place on election day, April
      27. If you or anyone you know needs a ride, please leave a message
      (including how to reach the person who needs a ride) at (508)358-

      Thank you for reading this Wayland Voters Network newsletter. Please
      forward it to your friends and neighbors in Wayland and encourage
      them to sign up for their own copies by sending a blank email to:
      waylandvotersnetwork-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Tell them to click
      reply and send when they receive an e-mail confirming their
      subscription. Or, if they want us to sign them up, tell them to
      email waylandvoters2@.... If they'd rather receive information
      from WVN by phone or regular mail, they should leave a message at
      (508) 358-9171.

      Wayland Voters Network
      Margo Melnicove, Chair