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277WVN Alert: Potluck and volunteers

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  • waylandvoters1
    Jun 3, 2008

      WVN would like to salute its cadre of volunteers and extend an invitation to more citizens to join in delivering WVN to readers who request paper copies.

      Please come to a pot luck on Sunday, June 8 from 6-8 pm at 23B Bayfield Road to gather and celebrate WVN's rising circulation. Call 651-7610 if you have questions.

      WVN volunteers do an amazing job of delivering paper copies. We have increased our subscriber base, and are soliciting additional volunteers. WVN's active volunteers play a big part in the vital civic duty
      of keeping voters informed.

      With postage and gasoline prices increasing, the cost in money as well as time is noticeable. We appreciate the effort and sacrifice.

      Please consider taking care of at least two readers. If you want to explore the possibility of delivering by hand, we'll try to find readers who live near you or the places you drive to fairly often.

      Some volunteers say they enjoy getting to know other citizens in the process. Same-day service is NOT expected. You can fit deliveries into your travel schedule.

      Old hands at making deliveries often copy the newsletter into a word processing application (Microsoft Word works well) so it fits on fewer pages.

      For further information please contact Michael Short at 358-2365 or at mmshort1@....

      A reminder to those who are already making deliveries: Please let us know about any problems or changes.

      (Recent Yahoo Groups software changes may create problems for some readers who make paper copies. We're pursuing a workaround.)

      Many thanks.
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