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Can you spare 2 minutes to help our campaign ?

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  • linpaul_uk
    Hi all, My name is Paul Davis, I live in the UK and have recently been made aware of the plight of the Turtle crisis in China due to the excellent campaign
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2007
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      Hi all,

      My name is Paul Davis, I live in the UK and have recently been made
      aware of the plight of the Turtle crisis in China due to the
      excellent campaign that is being run against TESCO Stores by Care for
      the Wild International ( http://www.careforthewild.org/ ) and the
      Tortoise Trust ( http://www.tortoisetrust.org/ ) objecting to TESCO's
      activity of selling live turtles in China, followed by what can only
      be described as torture.

      Whilst trying to acquaint myself with the history of this crisis I
      came across the excellent initiative of Annie Lancaster from Tortoise
      Aid International who has raised a petition against Wal-Mart
      objecting to their activity of selling live turtles in China. I
      looked at the petition to find that there were under 400 pledges
      registered on the petition.

      Looking at the thousands of members that are registered on Turtle and
      Tortoise related Yahoo Groups I couldn't understand why the pledges
      were so low. The turtles plight in China could not be of any more
      importance as far as needing urgent help due to turtles daily being
      tortured and cut up alive.

      I then realised that for anyone to stand any chance of stopping the
      activity of any store such as TESCO, WAl-Mart or Carrefour these
      stores would need to see a very high number of objections and
      boycotts against them.

      Different campaigns against each of the offenders of this terrible
      trade are good, but I suddenly had a thought, what if we all joined
      together internationally and campaigned against each one these
      organisations one at a time ? This would give very high numbers of
      objectors to each campaign, the numbers that this plight deserves.

      Further to this I began to look at the various petitions themselves
      which then led to another idea, why not turn a Yahoo Group into
      a 'living petition ', the number of pledges would be denoted by the
      number of members, the posts of objections and boycotts on this Yahoo
      Group would not only be visible to the members, but also to the
      public and the stores themselves. This would become a bigger thorn in
      the side of those stores, much more than would a normal petition,
      hopefully it would result in a very high number of highly visible
      protests against them, online in full open view, which would only
      attract more support.

      I am therefore asking you all if you could just spend a couple
      minutes of your time and join this online Yahoo Group petition group
      initiative, then just leave one post of objection, that is all that
      is needed to help give us the power to get TESCO's serious attention.

      I have a feeling if we all join together internationally this can
      work, if we are successful against TESCO, then we could all then do
      the same against Wal-Mart, then Carrefour.

      In simple terms I am asking you all just to spend just a couple of
      minutes of your time to support an initiative that could well help
      stop the sale of live turtles in China, turtles who's only possible
      future is to be tortured and cut up alive.
      Additional to the turtle's plight should we really be allowing our
      local stores to go abroad and turn their backs on their customer's
      widespread values just to increase their profit.

      If nothing else please have a quick look at the yahoo group and the
      pledges already lodged there, if you can please find it in your
      hearts to support the turtle's plight, please join and just leave one
      post of objection, this could well empower us to stop the TESCO
      store participating in this activity, if that is successful, then who
      knows, it could be the start of a major change in the thinking of
      these powerful stores worldwide.

      Thankyou for taking the time to read this.


      This initiative is being worked in full consultation with Care for
      the Wild International , our aim is to give even more power to the
      CWI to help them achieve their objectives. Care for the Wild
      International are themselves a member of this Yahoo Group, Turtlesco.

      Here is the ' living online petition ' - Turtlesco, please take time
      to post your objection, if we all do not post an objection, all we
      are doing is giving these stores the impression that it is alright to
      do what they do.


      Together we can make this work.
      Please spread this message to wherever you think it may bring support.

      Kind regards, Paul.
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